Bridalplasty: Reality series where the winner gets free plastic surgery (A world ending in 2012 seems very likely all of a sudden)

So I’m in bed earlier enjoying my day off, listening to Gucci Mane mixtapes and this preposterous commercial comes on about some bitches in a reality series competing to win a professional plastic surgery job. The commercial went off leaving me with two thoughts; are women so unhappy with who they are to the point where they’ll do anything to be the next celebrity look-alike? Or, why are reality tv producers getting away with creating this rambunctious image to general population as if plastic surgery is needed to be the next “it” girl? Last time I checked, women stopped attempts at being it girls after 30. And Lord knows these bitches are past their prime.

Well, we all knew reality tv was beginning to travel a stagnant path but, shit. Who knew it would get this ridiculous? Before I go into my blog, let me give you readers the definition of this bullshit show:

“Brides-to-be compete in challenges to earn plastic-surgery procedures in a quest to win their ultimate dream wedding

So in other words, I just proved myself correct as stated earlier. But am I the only one who has been offended by how pitiful this is? I mean I’m a guy who technically doesn’t give a shit about anything(I’ll wait….)pertaining to womanly interests. Though, this is where someone famous at least should step up and draw the line. It kind of reminds me of Fear Factor without the nasty shit. Women competing to win challenges to eliminate other women in the process somehow. Along the way to the top, a lucky winner of every challenge gets granted a plastic surgery job. Ultimately, one lucky sinner gets the wedding of her dreams in the end. Man, I feel sorry for whoever is the groom to be. These women clearly have sole control of their relationships if their men think this shit is okay.

This right here confirms my logic that real entertainment television has lost its grace. Think I’m lying? You try sitting through a whole episode of Ru Paul‘s Drag Race without feeling violated as a male figure. One thing that stands out is the fact that these producers and directors have no sense of religious views whatsoever. Teenage females go out and have kids as a cry for help or rebellion. Teenage guys get tattoos or sell drugs as their way for attention. Males cheat on their wives and Women compete on reality tv shows for plastic surgery to express their inner depression. And to top it all off, these producers have no problem assisting these women in committing blasphemy. See, I guess everything in life really does follow a cycle these days.

While I want to relate this to the doings of a secret society, I digress. People won’t get the bigger picture either way if I laid it on a silver platter. But here’s some racial humor; I bet those White fascists at the New York Times are going to dub this show as a must watch series for women of all ages. Yet, we’re the failures in White America. Yeah right.

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