Watch The Throne!!! Kanye West Returns to the Top of the Charts.

“They tried to black ball me but they forgot about two things my black balls!” From most hated to #1 on the charts don’t call it a comeback! With no singles cracking top ten on the charts and no legit mainstream run with a music video and to be called a nigger and a racist and a devil worshiper of Jay-z “Illuminati clique,”  I gotta say quite impressive.

Last weeks sales numbers are in and Kanye West is to make his fourth consecutive debut at the top of the U.S. albums chart this week with his new album(scoring 5 Crowns from PMB) MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY. Kanye is to push around 520,000 and album is also number 1 and four on the itunes charts as well as debuting number 1 in Canada. The second best selling rap album of 2010 behind Eminem and no rappers beats Eminem in sales. He also is beating debut of Nicki Minaj who has some impressive numbers of her own at the  number 2 spot pushing 375,000 in US albums charts.

Ironically, Taylor Swift sales risen coming in at number 3 during the week of Kanye’s debut after sliding the past weeks so that bring up the debate if she should be thanking Kanye West as it looks for her success. Lloyd Banks came with some decent numbers to be debuted around 50,000, which is typical top selling rap albums range around(we are minorities), he should reach gold in a few weeks and album is at 10 on itunes. It’s good to see I’m not the only person buying rap music still. Back to Kanye of course, we gotta make a toast for the douchebags!


One thought on “Watch The Throne!!! Kanye West Returns to the Top of the Charts.

  1. another album dropped last week..called pilot talk 2 (curren$y) will you review that.. I challenge you to find better lyrics, challenge you to find better instrumentals..

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