Soulja Boy-The Deandre Way(Album Review)


This, Right Here, Is Straight……………..TRASH!

Soulja Boy set to release his third studio album “The DeAndre Way” (clever title by the way), how he made it to three, I have no idea, but Soulja  stated that this album is intended to be his most personal and successful album thus far and I can honestly say, that’s a bold face lie. 

How this due get a record deal seriously, anyway, I’ve come to a conclusion that Soulja Boy music is explicit content for kids. This dude music just sound like some thuggish Nick Jr. hip hop swag, If  “First Day Of School” doesn’t prove he has one goal and thats to make catchy music for kids, and you can’t tell me he don’t sound like a retard on that shit. He sound like a hip hop Barney on that track and he only has two songs that are actually catchy on the album *note, I said catchy, not hot. “Speakers Going Ham” is the only track the Soulja raps halfway decent on, but his lyrics are the lamest and cheesiest I’ve heard this year and I listened to Flocka album.  His surprising semi hit “Pretty Boy Swag?” c’mon son! “All The Pretty Boys stand up” PAUSE! and these are some of the shittiest lyrics I’ve heard in my life, I just reviewed some greats albums and then to hear this shit upsets me. He drags his flow on tracks bascially because he has no rhymes, so then he sound retarded for the most part on this album. On some real, 50Tyson killing this nigga on the mic and I’m dead serious, I fucks with you 50 Tyson.

Then on top of his wackness, this clown Lil B drop one verse on the 300 thou bull shit about his dick, he talk about his dick on the whole verse, really dude? This shit is just awful it’s no way some of ya’ll hearing what I’m hearing? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, why is this dude is popular? I don’t get it honestly, and it’s not a hater thing, I just don’t understand it. 50 cent is the only thing great about this album, he did his thing on “Mean Mug” but Souja Boy not so much, dude flow is wack and kills the song. When you think it can’t get no worst, this nigga pulls out the auto tune, sigh! He does everything on this album the typical wack rappers does, use auto tune, grab a dope rapper and make they shit sound hot which in reality it’s ass and putting his effort into making catchy hooks and ignoring the lyrics. It’s not really creative, a little suspect if anything, I tried to give him a chance but he insulted my intelligence with this shitty album.

Overall, this is a major pass, it’s just ignorant rap music, lyrics are wack, flow is a joke, and production is meh. Soulja Boy just plead my case he’s one of the wackest rappers in the game with this trash. Just because you can dance to something doesn’t make it hot, and fans of Soulja can be in denial but he sucks, it’s cool if you like him thats your preference but he still sucks. I took precious minutes out my life to hear some nigga shit. I can predict in a year or two this guy will be irrelevant like Lil Jon. Buying this album is a complete waste of money and listening to it is a complete waste of a mind, how bout taking that 10 you were going to spend on this album and donate it to a charity, your money is worth more than this. If this is his best, then he needs to hang it up.



One thought on “Soulja Boy-The Deandre Way(Album Review)

  1. didnt like it, real soulja boy no homo that just didnt sound as good as some of his older material..few songs were ok…….

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