Minority women are losing in society. Why? Meet Nicki Minaj and Kat Stacks

God bless America….Where the fuck do I even start? Brace yourselves people. Please pause all music and turn all TV‘s off before clicking here —>

Hip Hop, Sex, and Women has come very far over the years. Wherever there’s hip hop; there are women. And behind these women, lies a truck load of sex. Now it doesn’t matter which order these three subjects are in but, just know that since the 90’s minority women have been losing. Lets face it, to modern society it is a white mans world. So it’s no secret that white women feel as if their on a petal stool compared to minorities(Blacks & Hispanics). On the contrary, you cannot leave out the sex symbol: the reason why we are viewed lesser to our pale counterparts.

In the 90’s we had our sex symbol, our version of Foxy Cleopatra. Her name was Lil’ Kim. All the guys wanted Kim. She was sexy, she was raw, she was real. Half naked in videos, sucking dick on skits, telling niggas what it was and what its gonna be. It was no surprise that teens all across the world followed. Spreading a nightmare across the nation for parents doing their best to give their children an opportunity to succeed in life. Eventually Kim’s negative effects wore off when she got 5 mics in the source(something that 95% of most male rappers don’t do) and people began to appreciate her as a person instead of a sex crazed Barbie look-alike mad rapper. Yes, I’m aware of the incorrect sentence. Eventually Lil’ Kim went on to do a jail stint for not snitching and that was enough to lift her into infinite stardom. We will follow-up on this later….

In the early 2000’s Hip Hop would fall under a dark age sparked by man’s worst nightmare….woman. Global Phenomenon superhead came on the scene strong. Fucking any and everything moving. Any rapper, any ball player, it didn’t matter. If you had money, you were fucked. Some of you may be reading and thinking “Nigga what’s wrong with all that? The point of having money is to get women.” However, when superhead wrote her book exposing numerous secrets such as

  • Warren G and how he made her suck his dick until her nose bled
  • Jay-Z and the first time she met him he pulled his dick out in a car
  • Shaq and how his dick was small

Well you get the point. Superhead used her sexual acts as a way to gain fame and she received every bit of it. Every radio station and porn company wanted superhead; just ask Mr.Marcus. This dark age in hop hop paved the way for Kat Stacks(or superhead Version 2). Unfortunately, Kat Stacks has jumped on the scene at the wrong time. A time whereas teens have absolutely no self respect, a baby boom is on the brink of destroying the future of teenage women, and hip hop seems to be embracing a Lil’ Kim replica with shitty lyrics & ass pads. Double face palm, yes I know. Virtually speaking, it seems as if it isn’t one bad thing these days, then it’s another. If Kat Stacks isn’t getting smacked in the club by a member of  rapper Fabolous‘ entourage, then its Nicki Minaj yelling horrendous lyrics over a track with no care for her listeners. Think I’m lying lets play real vs fake:

Lil’ Kim – Get Money

Rather do the killin than the stick up jooks
Rather count a million while you eat my pussy
Push me to the limit get my feelings in it
Get me open while I’m cummin down your throat
Then, you wanna be my main squeeze nigga
Don’tcha, you wanna lick between my knees nigga
Don’tcha wanna see me whippin your 3 down the Ave.
Blow up spots on bitches because I’m mad
Break up affairs lick shots in the air
You get vexed, and start swingin everywhere
Me shifty? Now you wanna pistol whip me
Pull out your nine, while I cock on mine
Yeah what nigga? I ain’t got time for this
So what nigga? I’m not tryin to hear that shit
Now you wanna buy me diamonds and Armani suits
Adrienne Vitadini and Chanel 9 boots
Things that make up, for all the games and the lies
Hallmark cards, sayin, “I apologize”
Is you wit me? How could you ever decieve me
But payback’s a bitch motherfucker, believe me
Naw I ain’t gay this aint no lesbo flow
Just a lil somethin, to let you motherfuckers know


Nicki Minaj- Girls fall like dominoes lyrics

Hey I’m gon need 69 real bad girls for my tour bus
Somebody get security to escort us
They go the long way but we take the short cut
Give me the blonde hair, long weave, short cut
You know the flow sick, came in on the small bus
So give the d-cup, c-cup, small bust
They judge me like the girls on trial but every time I come out girls gon wild
Got the dominoe effect in the front row passing out
With little bikini tops they got they asses hanging out
Say my shoe game nuts, so I call ’em cashews
Every other say [?] they Nicki tattoos
Steal Wayne girls, I steal Drake girls
You know the real bitches, let me fuck the fake girls
So if you pretty I sign titties
I got the key to every motherfucking city

As you can see, the fake never prevails. However, since she is all over the limelight being embraced by P. Diddy of all people. Nicki Minaj’s verses are full of bologna and lack lyricism. To think that there are actually females of this generation who believe Nicki Minaj is actually a better rapper just proves that as a society; we’re fucked. Lil’ Kim has a flow that is impeccable. She could ghost write for men if she choose to. Before teenage bitches wanted to be the next Nicki Minaj, they wanted to be Kim.

Funny how society takes the side of the rapper who has everyone’s children putting their pussy on niggas’ noses. Then asking questions regarding pregnancy later. Its ass backwards if you ask me.

The fact of the matter is that black and hispanic women are losing. These two women have sparked everything from pregnancy to women selling pussy on twitter for less than $100. Now if that isn’t enough, then just maybe your one of the teenage woman who gave birth within the year.


Or maybe you plan to follow in her footsteps. Come from being a nobody, fuck niggas to get on smack DVDs, and pray that some rapper takes you under his wing. Your choice.


5 thoughts on “Minority women are losing in society. Why? Meet Nicki Minaj and Kat Stacks

  1. wats crazy is Kat Stacks has 200,000 followers on twitter who follows ratchet ass hoes……. this bitch ain’t famous. At least Montana Fishburne got goals set and shit Kat Stack just the chick in the hood every nigga then fuck.

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