Electronic Forensics to be used in Farve-Sterger case

Sources are indicating that the NFL is prepared to use electronic forensics to find out whether Farve sent pictures of his Minnesota Viking to Jenn Sterger. I mean how hard is it to just call the cell provider and track the mms messages sent to the damn bitch? If thats what you call “electronic forensics” then this case is full of shit. 


It seems as if in this day and age celebrity sport’s figures have definitely attracted an eye for controversy closing in on retirement years. Either that or people apparently just want to see you fall off the face of the fucking planet. Kobe Bryant, Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Pac Man Jones, Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, Michael Phelps, and the list goes on of celebrity figures that have seemed to end up in some drama when at the peak of their careers.

Now I’m not throwing shed on the situation at hand, but this is being blown out of proportion in the media. I can understand that she’s cooperating with agents which makes no sense because if she has these so called racy photos; then all she has to do is submit them. What I don’t understand is why this is being made out to be some felony crime. Like people don’t send pictures of their dicks out to women on a daily basis.

I guess Farve figured since he wasn’t going to be healthy for this season, he might as well get caught up in a bogus investigation, plus risk a possible divorce.


……How ironic that Tony Parker follows the same suit. I wonder if they have the same cell phone providers.


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