Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday(Album Review)

All Pink Everything………….

Nicki Minaj judgment day is finally here, she has the most pressure of any hip hop album this year cuz for one, she’s a female emcee two, because of her team Young Money and Drake album success and the fact that she’s on everybody’s album so it’s like she the hottest thing to have on a record and three, she outshined Kanye and Jay on “Monster.” All that with no debut, you know the pressure is there and the odds are against her. It’s no secret how PMB feels about Nicki Minaj either, we show it openly on the blog any chance we get, so can she shut up her biggest critics? Is she a walking marketing tool or can she hang in a mans world?

I’m not going to lie, I was ready to give this some old bullshit rating but from the top of the album, I was knocked off my feet with “I’m the best” she shocked me on that record. I was anticipating that retardted flow she uses and she dropped it and she delivered on that joint, not feeling that hook for real and most of her hooks are pretty bad and bland and that is shocking because she has Drake, the best “catchy hook guy” in the game on her team, how that work? Nicki is a good singer or what I hear on the tracks was good but her song choice or production doesn’t really have synergy. She has a positive and motivation vibe for the ladies on a lot of tracks and I truly respect that, I didn’t know she had it in her with all that Dyke talk and her penis references. She goes back to that retarded flow on the “Romans Revenges” joint, which is wack. Not only is it two months too late to diss Lil Kim but her lines were wack “I’ll kick that hoe, Punt?” really Nicki? If Kim respond she’ll murder that track, my word on that, but Em killed her easily, but I’m mean it’s not like she Hova or anything, so it’s not shocking but that third verse at the beginning got me hype for a sec then she dropped the ball, again. I really was blown away from a few tracks like the “Fly” record and “Moment 4 Life” with Drake, wow that track is amazing. This is the Nicki I’ve been waiting on forever and Drake killed that last line “Everybody Dies, but not everyone Lives” that is an official a track I love from Nicki Minaj. She does it again with “Here I Am”  track I feel is deep for Nicki or kinda personal, I know the ladies will be feeling that joint. But I’ve came to a conclusion listening to the album that Nicki Minaj maybe underestimating herself.

She tries the “Thank Me Later” approach, singing on most of the hooks and some with auto tune and some without, their hits and misses. Nicki can really switch up her style better than anything rapper in the game, one minute I’m irritated and then the next minute I’m in love. She is still holding back, if she flips it like she does on “Here I Am” and “Moment 4 Life” and drop the barbie gimmick she can be one of the best female rappers ever to do it. When I get the real Nicki( when she really raps) she’s nice but, when she over the top with shit she sounds like a transsexual, so the album has hits but misses a lot.

Overall, the album is okay but certain tracks are crazy and make the album worth the listen.  I can say my assumptions had me thinking Nicki Minaj couldn’t deliver but she gave something on the album but just not enough. Her pop songs are not really appealing nor that accent she goes in and out of help. After hearing her album, I know what she is capable of and she can do damage but the ball is in her court, she will only be as great as she truly wants to be. As a debut, it’s a shrug, I say that meaning when someone ask “You Heard That Pink Friday? “Yeah”. “Is it tight?” “*Shrug”. It’s  decent but doesn’t live up to the hype and pressure, if anything feel she had it for a sec and then she choked. I can recommend any Nicki hater to listen to the album and see the potential she has to be a dope Emcee but for the most part but that’s just it, the potential needs to come in full effect. Maybe her sophomore album she’ll give a classic she’s capable of, if she has one.

Recommended Tracks: Here I Am, Moment 4 Life, Fly, I’m The Best

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