Lloyd Banks-The Hunger For More 2 (Album Review)

Isn’t This Leftovers?………….

Fitty’s G-Unit has had it’s up and downs throughout the years, but Lloyd Banks was the only one there from start(Yayo was in jail) to now with Fifty. Banks been on the G G G G G GRIND! With over five mixtapes in the past two years alone, Weezy ain’t the only hardworking man in town. He just released his third studio album which ironically is a sequel to his first album “Hunger For More.” Fifty made me belive in him again with the smash “Before I Self Destruct” but can Banks finish what Fifty started and show us that G Unit still can deliver that hard Hip Hop Shit.

One of PMB’s most unappreciated rappers , KanYe even stated he’s top 5 in the game! But hey, he said Nicki Minaj is the number 1 rapper in the game, so he say some off the wall shit at times but this album is not hot…………It’s FIRE! I haven’t heard a harder street hip hop album in while, beside Fifty’s albums and Ross “Trilla” came out this year, so that says a lot . It’s crazy because I can relate to certain songs on the album like “So Forgetful” what guy wouldn’t? as well as other and I’m not street so thats a major plus in my books. “Take em To War” set the tone of the album and then “Unexplainable” with Styles P just shitted on the industry with that hood shit and just plan nasty, I felt violated. Then he takes me back a sec with “Home Sweet Home” with Pusha T,damn Banks, I thought Gangster rap was dead, well if it was, Banks revived it with that joint a great rider record.

Ont top of that I love his style, Banks is a true gangster rapper, a rare breed, no punchlines really, no witty metaphors, no gimmick records, just rapping about the street life and I can appreciate it as much as a Lupe album or a Nas albums. The whole concept of  Hunger For More, I’m willing to do whatever it take to get to the top and I’m not settling till I’m at the top, “I rather be not here, then hungry” that shows humbleness that Banks not really proud of living the street life but since he’s here he gonna wreck havoc. “Start It Up” took Yeezy back to the southside of Chicago and got Fab to rap and not just hit you with a punch line, he bring the best out of every feature on his album except Fifty, but he was just on a hook. The album does have a few misses “P and Q’s” and “Celebrity” and then it has hits “Father Time” and “On The Double” as well as others I said earlier. He just goes in on this album and like just thank me later when I’m at the top and trust I will. Looks like G Unit is not dead yet.

Overall, this is the best gangster album of the year. Banks can rap unlike most fake gangster rappers and drop true bangers for the streets thats respectable and not cheesy, with not much substance on the album, yet I still appreciate the album and Banks didn’t try to fit with what is “hot”and he just dropped what he knows and I can’t help but have respect for a rapper who does that. Banks is nice and I think hip hop needed this album to balance out the game.  If you want that gangster shit, this is it and the best album of the year that delivers that and not dumb down unlike Gucci or waka Flocka’s album. With that said if you’re a fan of hip hop must buy but if have a preference and not like all that gangster rap shit, then I’ll recommend some tracks below, this album can’t be missed!

Recommended Tracks: Home Sweet Home, Take em To War, Unexplainable, Start It Up, Any Girl, Father time, On The Double

8 thoughts on “Lloyd Banks-The Hunger For More 2 (Album Review)

  1. Good review, although you said there wasn’t many punchlines… you’re right, but there’s a lot of metaphors that take more then one listen to understand. Banks stated recently that he didn’t want to be known as “just a punchline rapper” so he would stop using words such as “like” to do a punchline.

    Just a few metaphors that stood out on the album after a couple listens…

    “Aint too many seeing Santa, so they wanna take my gifts/ that’s when i wrap em’ with the Fif”

    “…currency and cashmere/ she said her man drive her crazy, i told her she could crash here”

    “Kiss the ring, beat respect out em’/ bloody heads turn timberlands to Red-Bottoms”

    “i picked by way out the cage, what’s happenin?/compition got me on a Rampage….Jackson”(ufc figher)

    you could see Banks stopped using words “Like” and “As” to do a punchline cause it’s so overused in hip hop right now(Lil Wayne really over does it).

    Good review though.

  2. Good Reviews and I agree this brought gangster rap back in the forefront but not just gangster shit don’t deserve you, start it up,any girl and on the double are smash as well and show Banks isn’t one dimensional

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