KanYe West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy(Album Review)

His Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy……

One of, if not the most anticipated album of the year is finally here with all the controversy around Kanye West, it’s time to recall why we even know who this guy is in the first place. Producer of Jay-z’s classics Blueprint, Black Album and newest addition BP3 and has three critically acclaimed smash albums of his own and the unexpected smash “808’s and Heartbreak” with Kanye singing with auto-tune, who would of thought that would have been a success. With that under his belt it can seem easy to be feeling yourself a little too much, but with that much success can he do it a fifth time? 5 consecutive great albums is unheard of in hip hop and will this be what sets Kanye up there with his big brother and Eminem if he’s not already up there and with his groundbreaking music what else can he do? Well the time is here to see if this  Evil Genius is legit or just a asshole.

The Album starts with Nicki Minaj with her “gather round I have a story to tell” bit and she starts the first track “Dark Fantasy” and it’s very artistic, me personally, I interpreted it as if he’s at the hight of his career to the point he feels he’s untouchable or “Powerful” as the Teyana Taylor  says “Can We Get Much Higher?” as he’s living the “Good Life” while he’s still couping with the lost of his mother and ex finance lost and even latest Amber Rose fiasco, as he states “The plan was drink till the pain over, but whats worst the pain or the hangover,” which lead to the VMA’s incident which is were I think the title “Dark Fantasy” comes from. As if it seems like he living the good life but he’s hurt inside. The productions is Yeezy best, a great start to an album, to add the my favorite line of the year, “Too Many Urkels On Ya Team That’s Why Your Winslow.” “Gorgeous” is like after the hangover and the next day where he’s the most hated man in America. The song goes hard and tackles racism and the criticism he got. Some nice bars from Yeezy and The Chef, personal favs where , “I treat the cash, like the government treat aids, won’t be satisfied until all my niggas get it,get it?” and his “Choke a South Park writer with a fish stick,” . You know we talking about Mr.West right? So he’s going fight back at his hater, and he keeps at with “Power” which he uses the haters for energy as he states; “Scream from the haters, got a nice ring to it, I guess every super hero need his theme music,” along with others as “Fuck yo pussy bitch, I’m on my own dick!” and even SNL got it on the track. Power is great track and with a powerful production and hook , was only right to be the first single.

“All Of the Lights,” is his road back to the top,but not really his path more of the average Joe path in society that everyone can relate to trying to get his life together with child dispute and abuse, it’s the hip hop eye of the tiger, I interpret the turn all the lights to see everything and sounds like a personal track along with Fergie, Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, and Rhianna. “Monster” is Yeezy deceleration to be the best rapper of all time but another rapper comes in and steals the show and thats Nicki Minaj, I’m not a Nicki fan but, I can’t knock she outshine two of the best, three if you count Ross. Yeezy then hold his title on “So Appalled”  then Jay, Push and Cyhi The Prince killed it.

This is where the album turns to his relationships trials and tribulations, “Devil in a New Dress” which he’s saying this chick is bad for him but he’s doesn’t care, it’s more about a lust-thing than love. Ross then comes in the bodied the track as well, a nice addition. “Runaway” is where he has a epiphany that his lover deserve better than him because he tends to let her down alot and has mixed emotion about the relationship, he is having trouble trying to change he poor ways(toast to the douchebag) and saying she’s can to do better than him by telling her the best she can do is stay away from him because all he will do is keep letting her down. “Hell Of A Life” is a live in the moment track I think of Vegas hearing that track away from the stress and drama in his life, out with the bad in with the good. The looks of it the “Devil In the Dress” is now treating Ye as the “Devil In A Fresh Suit” which they finally part ways with the next track “Blame Game.” My favorite track which is hard for me to choose one over another. It’s the mindset of a guy just breaking up out of a relationship, it’s the truth we fear to tell our other of how we truley feel or the state of mind we are in we try to justify it’s your fault but it ours or vice versa it’s your fault but we blame ourself and his X hook up with Chris Rock haha! Everyone one close to Kanye is now gone, his relationship and his mother and kinda of a full circle back to track one but with “Lost In The World” with that poetic verse and a sad ending to his story but a great story or a dark tale.

I now understand the runaway film even more hearing the album and what he was trying to do. I just basically told you the back ground story on the album. This album is far deeper than rap, it’s art and I can’t say many rappers take the art route in their music or does it better than Kanye. Art is risk taking, dark and showing your truth the good and evil side of you to the world to see and it may not be politically correct but it’s your truth and that’s what I got out this album.  The production is outstanding, the best from Yeezy.  Lyrically, it’s not Kanye’s best but the songs as whole  are because the way this album is structured, Kanye has powerful verses that complement the production and is the strongest I’ve heard on a rap album period, the production alone is groundbreaking. Like I stated how Wanye raps slow at times ineffectively, Kanye does it effectively because he does it with a thought provoking line like in “Runaway” “Never much of a romantic, I can never take intimacy, and I know I did damage, cause the look in your eyes are killing me” it’s more poetic than rap and Kanye’s production on top of that, makes lines like that feel even more powerful.

Overall, this album it’s a misunderstood classic. It’s  a masterpiece no doubt and bigger than being called just a rap album, this can be compared to classic non-hip hop albums. This is the most unique rap album of all time! Kanye doesn’t try to do what everyone expects from him, the lyrically content or the commercial expectations, he goes deeper than that and that’s what I respect most about his music. It has a hip-hop swag, smooth vibes, electro hop, and rock samples. You’ll listen to this album and be wow’d this is different but it still have the classic Yeezy, a little College Dropout feel, a little Registration, some graduation and even some 808’s to make a true masterpiece. I feel this album won’t get the credit it deserves because it’s too out the norm of a rap album, Elton John on this bitch. Elton John on a hip hop album, thats a big fucking deal but understand music should be art before generalize into a genre. To respect Hip Hop you have to first respect Art and respect the Artist which is why I’m not of fan of most mainstream music because you don’t have artist anymore just musicians, the art form is dead from mainstream hip hop music. This a absolute buy but I had it preordred, so I’m good but on some real, QUIT LEAKING SHIT! . I say get this and be amazed and if your first thought is it’s not hip hop, then your really not a fan of music and that’s my honest opinion because this is some of the best music I’ve heard in years.

Recommended Tracks:The Whole Album!

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