MCMF- Make U Believe (Album Review)


I Believe……..

Yep a PMB first! an Album review of a Hip Hop Prospect, if you haven’t read this months featured artist read now! If you have already read it,then you know the background, so let’s get into the RAW review.

The album starts of with the track entitled “Lonley Road” which is a smash. The production is amazing as well as the lyrical content. Very effective start to an album and gives you his story of how he got to be the man he is today on at least at the end of the track. The Third verse is my favorite the simplest lines have the biggest impact such as his line were he states, “Never compromise, this is always Me” stood out the most on that track but overall it’s an amazing track. “Hip Hop Kiddin” is crazy, now I know MCMF is not a fluke with the first track, this guy is nice, this tracks is hip hop, while you lame on the radio is Hip Hop kiddin, MCMF is basically stating you wack rappers are a joke to him. Next up is “Make U Believe,”  a nice respectable club banging. “Johnny Stockton” goes hard, when I say MCMF flips it, he flips it. Thats an instant smash and the production is oh so sweet. “Nobody’s Perfect” features Spa and Jive the Universal and is an okay track but, I feel it doesn’t really fit MCMF flow as the previous tracks it seems like it’s taming the beast. The Second verse is dope thought and it’s still a good listen and has great substance.

“My Love, Like This” with Jive The Universal gets the album back on track, which he addresses his love of hip hop. One of those feel good tracks and just makes you reminisce of classic early 90’s hip hop. “What U Need” continues down the 90’s vibe even his flow on the track has the 90’s effect. “Love with Love” featuring Shameless Plug is a cool track nothing special but good. “These Bars Can’t hold Me,” with Ruin is my favorite track and thats says alot about this album, if this was Mortal Kombat, that track is a flawless victory. MCMF murders the rockish-hip hop productions and I love the mashes and he bodies the tracks, I’m in aww.  He states it’s not a mutha fucka that can touch him and folks, he just may be right. “1st Night,” is just nasty, you know when you nod your heard with the stink face, like this…

Yeah, like that, just so disrespectful and it’s for the players across the world so you can’t help but love that record, my second favorite track . “Have No Fear” is a real song with great substance, the positive vibe is on point on that track. Speaking of Jay, “Question Marc” has a nice sample of Hov and is another great track with substance. The Album ends with “Skydiving” which is like the icing on the cake. If you can’t tell, I’m really feeling this album, like really and a candidate for PMB’s albums of the year. Great production and solid Lyrics from start to finish, putting our favorite rappers to shame.

Overall, this is a great album and one of best I heard this year and he’s a PMB’s Hip Hop Prospect. I just want to say this is what hard work gets from the rappers side to even us PMB, that hard work gets notice and respected. Like Nas said quit acting like prima donas and worrying about sales and shit, just put out good music and MCMF did. The album does what the title states, make you believe and I believe in MCMF talent will take him to the top or a least a Underground Legend either way he will hit big and you know where you heard about him first! The album took my mind on a musical journey like Back To The Future, because of how each track production seems to go from a 90’s swag to a futurist sound and back. To add, it’s the second most unique album I’ve heard this year (Haven’t heard Yeezy yet) This is a must buy easily, this is the type music you don’t hear anymore and with very few minor flaws it’s hard too pass up on. Support good music!


Recommended Tracks: These Bars Can’t Hold Me, 1st Night, Hip Hop Kiddin, What U Need, John Stockton


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