Kid Cudi-Man On The Moon II:The Legend Of Mr Rager (Album Review)

The Only Person Who Moon Walks 24/7…..

G.O.O.D Music! is out with some new music from one of their biggest artist Kid Cudi. Cudi’s debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day was a 2009 hit selling 104,419 copies in the first week and charted at number 4 and with one of the biggest records of 2009 “Day N nite” and he’s now back to the sequel “The Legend of Mr.Rager,” so does it bomb like most sequels do?

I must say, 2010 know how to start off a damn album, “Scott Mescudi VS. The World” Feat. Cee-Lo is amazing, those two go great together, it’s Cudi declaring War on the world with him and well….that’s it. Cudi keeps the pace going with “Revofev” which has a classic rock feel to it and I love it, Kid Cudi brought me back into why this guy is such a big deal great record.  Cudi then goes all out again bringing the queen Mary J on two records first is “Don’t Play This Song” which is solid track and “These Worries” the better of the two and kinda of a person paranoid in a way, a well written song.  “Marijuana” (Free Wiz!) I had to blaze one to that (allegedly!) but do what I say not what I do. Crack is still wack and reefer still sucks, but I digress, the vibe on that joint is perfecto. “Mojo So Dope” is so dope with some subliminal substance thats not seen much in music nowadays, This album is very artistic, and I respect an artist more than a rapper because anyone can make a hit but it takes an artist to make something so daring and out of the norm. “Ashin’ Kusher” got a nice swag to it, I had to blaze to that as well (Allegedly!).

“Erase Me” is the shit, thats the rockstar mentality but I feel Kanye wasn’t really needed for that track, the verse was solid but just wasn’t needed. “Wild’n Cuz I’m Young” is what the title states the intro got me hype for a big bang but it stayed at a melo tempo rate. “The Mood” is fire, as melo as it is, it’s one of the few faster pace songs on the album but if you heard his first album, nothing much has changed and this is why the album goes stale. 17 long moody tracks, I can only take so much till I start to loose interest and the more I listen, the more depressed I got. I listen to hip hop for the most part to get away from my problem but Kid Cudi make you think about your problem, I almost called my X. It’s not bad just very depressing and moody, thats why I don’t watch Tyler Perry movies. The album drags with 17 track just too much for me to take, let alone the average rap fan will be done after “Erase Me.” The ironic part is the songs are all great but listening to the entire album left me miserable and exhausted. Cudi if you that damn depress you need a psych.

Overall, as tracks individually, they are great but together on one album, will leave you looking like Cudi in the album cover. Thats sad to say because I love most of the records but it made my mood from happy to miserable to not really caring for most of the album because the mood thats it sets and it drags with 17 songs. I was to busy worried about my own damn problems because of Cudi. I love artsy music and this delivers, it maybe done too well and is not a bad just too much for someone to handle. I love Cudi’s style, him and B.o.b have branch Hip Hop to be more than what is was and to a bigger audience and a larger variety in the music. Some people like their music this moody 24/7 and I don’t know how you do it without killing yourself (that was a joke). I’d say the songs I recommended are a must buy and just add the others songs later. It’s like alcohol, a little bit is great but too much will have you taking about your problems to your X on her answering machine.

Recommended Tracks: Scott Mescudi VS. The World, Revofev, Ashin’ Kusher, Marijuana, Trapped In My Mind, Erase Me, Mojo So Dope


After listening a second time to the album and understanding the story in the album, I’ve learn to appreciate the album in it’s entirely, The artistic expressing is so captivating that I had a change of opinion of the album. I still feel it drags but understanding the journey Kid Cudi was taking me on was a high in it’s own. I can relate to it and I think connecting to the album is where the moodiness comes from and turn me off because I didn’t want to feel that unexpected realness that was brought on me and was too much to handle. Thats not a fault, thats an artist having you related.  I take back what I said and hey, I was wrong.




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