Wiz Khalifa arrested at ECU for drug possession during a performance. Surprising?……No

Sources along the net are reporting that rapper Wiz Khalifa and the Taylor Gang were subjects to arrests tonight during a performance at East Carolina University. I’m assuming the drug related tweets finally caught up with him. However, lets downplay this negative moment in time to thank him; because of Wiz I now occasionally use a bong when I run out of EZ-Widers. #ThankYouWizKhalifa

I don’t know whats funnier; the fact that Wiz was arrested or the fact that he was arrested during a performance. Either way this arrest was long overdue and I’m sure even the millions of Taylors around the world can agree with that. Lets all sit back and remember this is the same man who embraces the fact that he spends at least 10k on weed a month. So you go figure. But NEWSFLASH Wiz, this isn’t Jamaica. The stupidest thing you could do was have the damn drugs on you or on the tour bus during the performance at a College.

At a College
At a College

At a College

At a College

At a College

At a College

You get the point. Luckily for Wiz, an arrest for weed is just a misdemeanor and not a felony. Maybe T.I and Ms. Piggy need to take some lessons from you. But oh, TIP won’t be in sight for another 11 months. Silly guy lol.

Long story short, this is something you’ll look back and laugh at when your released within the hours. No one is opposing your addiction but, the stupidest a person could do is take drugs to a college campus. Especially as a visitor. Anyone smell a nigga moment?

Don’t mind my laughter. I personally know what its like to be laughed at following an arrest. I endured it twice.

On a serious not though, we as black people are losing. Something so simple and stupid like this could have easily been avoided. This is exactly what the man & them secret societies that control these record labels and airwaves want us to do: Self destruct. Yet we keep feeding the machine that controls us all.

We’ll keep you updated on PMB.

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