Today in Hip Hop 11/9/10 (Lil B drops Red Flame & Cudi drops Man On The Moon II)

If you are a fan of the hip hop community then today is a special day for you. As the world’s most hated rapper Lil B has dropped his highly anticipated Red Flame mixtape and Kid Cudi is teaching us how to fly again with the release of Man on the moon II. Soup for everyone!

Kid Cudi

Now while I can’t go directly in to details on how dope Man On The Moon II is, I can tell you that the album is pure genius. Cudi is definitely a front runner for inspiring new types of music; a guy we definitely needed on the scene. I mean the album starts off with a feature from Cee-lo for gods sake, but I’ll leave it at that. You guys will just have to wait for the album review from KD.

Lil B The Based God

Everyone may hate this guy for their own reasons, however based god is definitely improving and stepping his game up. The Red Flame mixtape produced by Lil B and Trapaholics is a follow up to the Blue Flame mixtape which featured songs such as “I’m Paris Hilton” “Mel Gibson” “Free Lil Wayne” and “Cold War”. For those who don’t know of B and his success: Lil B is the rapper from the pack who apparently was punched in the face by some dude and it made its way onto youtube. He reworked his craft, teamed up with Soulja Boy, and months later sold out show in New York. The rest is history. Hate him or love him, based god has won millions of people over. People like the legendary Hot Boyz member Turk, Ellen Degeneres, Lupe Fiasco, Cormega, and Kanye West.

Red Flame debuts with 29 tracks and is available for download on Which I grabbed this morning soon as I woke up. I rank it around #3 in the top mixtapes of 2010 in my opinion. Either way the fans of Lil B The Based God are definitely satisfied until the Black Ken mixtape.

Please support underground hip hop as it continues to improve day by day. That mainstream shit is run by secret societies.

Until next time….swag swag

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2 thoughts on “Today in Hip Hop 11/9/10 (Lil B drops Red Flame & Cudi drops Man On The Moon II)

  1. its no question that lil b is a weak lyricist but he def stepped up his game on this red flame #swag #steak

    i dont post music often but have you heard that obama waka hard in the paint spoof? its clownin. i just posted it on my page

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