Kat Stacks To Be Deported!!!!

Wooooooooooo! You know this gotta be good news, we never talk about hoes. Immigration officials may have managed to do what no rapper could. That is get rid of Kat Stacks.

Kat Stacks, real name Andrea Harrera-Cardena was captured Friday November 5 when she went on a racist rant on twitter but who gives a fuck I’m not following her, the great news is she is charged with a felony regarding her illegal citizenship status in the United States.

If  my prayers are answered this bitch on the first flight back to Narnia. This will be a mark in hip hop history, eliminating the cancer that was Kat Stacks. Ship her ass out like they ship out diseases.We may be able to trust hoes again! Good Luck and Good riddance, now we gotta kill that tranny Sidney Star. Hopefully, more good news to come.

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