KING HAMMER (MC Hammer)-Better Run Run(Jay-Z Diss)

Hammer has loaded his gun and is now taking shots at Jay-Z. It seems like since Nas, it’s always wack rappers dissing Hova and when they diss him they really can’t  like what can you say that Nas didn’t use on ether that made it the classic it is today. This Illuminati shit is getting old, but I’m done talking about it with unintelligent minds on the subject matter that don’t even know what it is. STOP believing them youtube videos brainwashing you, making you paranoid but I digress.

Hammer still hurt about the “unlike Hammer 30 mil can’t hurt me” so he took valuable time out his day to make a diss record Jay-Z want even acknowledge. Everyone who dissing Jay always say he sold his soul but heres a fun fact to the ‘Believers” don’t  you think every entertainer would sell their soul or at least they should. Micheal Jackson said I quote he wanted to chase immortality so in order to be immortality he said he wanted to bodied his soul into his music, so that means MJ sold his soul right? Your music or whatever your talent is, your should put your soul into it if you love it, so selling your soul is a given…….. I could really go in but it’s a waste of time it’s just a thought, anyway here Hammer’s video.


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