The Art Of “The Game”:The Break Up

Let me first start off by saying PMB wants to thank everyone for the positive feedback of the Art of the Game series we have been getting. People been asking me relationship advice and taken the advice from the Art Of The Game series so far and we’ll try to keep delivering great content and make sure to get you daily dose of raw on shit going on in the world from the realest bloggers on the net! Now on to the next installment of the series.

Everyone who’s been in a relationship has obviously experienced it and it’s probably the worst part of being in a relationship but everything thats up must come down, every saint will sin, every winner will soon lose and every relationship will come to end. This is fact, only 10% of modern day of America’s relationships last a lifetime and 6 % of those relationship last a lifetime only because of the results to the death of one of the lovers, so who you with right now is guaranteed not to last. I know I probably brought some of you down with that but there are ways to at least make it last for as long as you can, like ladies avoid being one of the 10 Women Men Hate To Date but some relationships just turn sour and it’s time for something new, it happens. The worst is when someone is clueless that their headed down spiltsville, those are the one’s that burn the most so to aware you of whats to come here are some  signs your relationships is headed towards an end.

First one is the forgettable phase, which is where one has to constantly remind the other to spend time with them. Ether ones out with the guys 24/7 or she’s too busy to have some quality time for you. If you’re not on that person minds to the point that they forget your birthday,do you really think they trippin if you leave them with out saying bye? Probably wouldn’t even notice your gone. Another is the “we use to do” shit, anytime you hear those four words your other feels your not the same as the relationship first started. She liked the first date Jeff, love that cat, would do anything for her but thats before the booty, now Jeff got the booty and now he showing his true colors and that can result into a break up. One sign that goes over people heads is sex, if your not truly connecting with your other but yet your still having tons of sex, he or she basically is wearing out their rental before they have to return it, meaning this relationship would have been over like two months ago but the sex is great so I stay along for the ride till it got boring.

Last one is simple, which is when their just unhappy around you. They try their best to NOT bring you along to places so they can have fun. Your basically the three legged horse she doesn’t want to shoot because of the memories but thats just it, just the memories. Can’t really do shit with you now, so she drags you along because she doesn’t want to break your heart till that day she takes you to the shed and shoot you, but thats what women do they have a guilty conscious for some reason or the dude is crazy. Unless he cheated, then she’s plotting to fuck you over twice as hard as you did her, like fuck your brother or something. Us fellas in all honesty, don’t give a shit. When the relationship over to us, it’s over. You mom could have gotten stab in front of you like 2 seconds ago we gone try our best to slide in “this relationship ain’t gone work.” We are just trying to get out without getting our car keyed, so what do we do? Make your break up with us, but sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes we’re force to some shady shit. True story, I did this twice a very bad habit I had during school, I would get sick of the chick I’m dating and see a new chick I like. So I’ll dump her and hook up with the new chick, but I would break up with her by telling the whole school I dumped her and not telling her, so two days go by and she ask my boy why I’m avoiding her and he’ll tell her, “Ya’ll broken up. Oh you didn’t know, Oh shit! I forgot he wanted me to tell you. Well……..he wanna break up ”  I did that twice and it resulted in bad blood and drama for the rest of the school year. So fellas don’t do that, not a good look, especially if you trying to get out the relationship to get into another one, your new chick looks at it as your character and a big turn off she thinking is that how he’s going to do me?

The best and effective ways to break up is to be honest and do it face to face at her house, you were close to this person at one point and should at least give them the respect to keep it 100, so do that and then you can get the fuck out ASAP! Don’t let her talk because when she say something then you say something then you got a whole damn conversation, you want to be in and out before she starts crying or throwing shit and if she’s dose, hey it’s her shit, but be honest with your soon to be X, but not too honest, generalize it, like say you wanna get back  t your playa ways, just say you don’t feel your ready for a commitment and you want to explore more before you commit to just one person. Honest approach is the best way to go and give her space for like 6 months to get over you before you can be friends, if you want this person close to you still or you want to make this person a Jump-off, note if you want this person to be a jump-off then you can’t be friends, it’s either one or the other. Reason is, one person gets starts getting catchy fellings and wants to get back together while the other is getting around like Tupac or your get stuck in the “Switch” relationship, the on again, off again tragedy, that shit really waste valuable time if thats the case, why break up in the first place?

Getting over a break up is devastating, getting dump can hurt, I know people still getting over a x from 4 years ago. Best advice  I can give on letting go is sulk for whole day in a dark room, listening to some Sade, whatever. Once you get that moody day out the way the next day go out have some fun and get laid, I would do this a couple of times. I know that you want get over them 100% buts it’s a great start. It’s kind of a reminder that relationships will  come and go and you need to get back focus  on what important as of now to you in you life outside relationships . Break ups happen but how you handle it is the big issue it can destroy you or build you up, the choice is yours. Make sure if you haven’t to check out the first two blogs of AOTG series.

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3 thoughts on “The Art Of “The Game”:The Break Up

  1. Great post ! I just got over a break up 6 months ago !
    And I can tell it was pretty hard ! I wasn’t listening to Sade or whatever, but I made an obscession in playing the classical guitar ! Yes, I was practising hours and hours a day…it was like a meditation.
    Also , if you want to learnhow to get your ex back, you can read this artice at :—Proven-Method-to-Get-Your-Ex-Back!&id=5265850 !

    I boorkmarked it to share with friends later on, and now I’m sharing with you ^^

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