Two days left until NBA regular season kicks off

The NBA Season kicks off less than 48 hours with the Heat-Celtic rivalry on TNT.The new look Miami Heat will look to showcase their off season acquisitions as the Celts look to prove that age is nothing but a number. It should be a good one but, expect LeBitch to be sucked on sportscenter by the nights end.

Eyes will also be on the defending champions as they start off the second straight season against the Rockets. It will be interesting to see how many minutes Kobe will play this season coming off that knee surgery.

Here are the top 10 Power Rankings I’m projecting for seasons end:

1. Lakers

2. Celtics

3. Magic

4. Heat

5. Thunder

6. Mavericks

7. Spurs

8. Jazz

9. Nuggets

10 .Bulls

Sleeper teams

1. Bucks

2. Clippers

3. Wizards

4. Kings

5. Knicks

NBA Champions

Los Angeles Lakers

MVP Prediction

Kevin Durant

ROY Prediction

Blake Griffin

It looks to be a good season. Until Tuesday people.

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