Most of our elders failed us. How could they judge us; niggas?

Usually in my blogs I degrade the generation of teens and children coming up. Today I sat back and realized we are not entirely at fault.Society, media, and newsprint have this misconstrued image of the generation coming up like we are natural born failures. We see it everywhere, subliminally still viewed as niggers.” Why? Color maybe? No, just the way we carry ourselves. For example, as I’m typing this the first recommend link that popped up was for the word “Nigger”. Now for the record, we aren’t niggers. That’s a word we were given as slaves because we had no one to stand up to abolish slavery back then. So anyone still being antsy about the N word needs to sit the fuck down.

Unfortunately, the real problem is the generations’ that came before us. Yeah, y’all older motherfuckas. How dare we be judged as anything and everything in the book when some of these parents and older siblings are doing the same things themselves? Walefare, pregnancy, and drug dealing; do not point the finger at this generation for your failures. We still have millions of elders in urban areas that refuse to do anything with themselves. Get the fuck up and get a job and maybe your kids will follow suit.

Teens around the 14, 15 year old range are bound to go through the same phases. Some are going to become fascinated by gang activity; and some are going to just rebel in general. But, that’s when shit should be nipped in the bud to keep us on the right track. Amazing how some in the hood rather be labeled as the parent with the son or daughter who listens to an OG instead of a family member!

Black America is failing. Seriously. These athletes and celebrities don’t owe us middle class people anything. Some of them do their part in giving back to the community which I respect but to be honest, why even bother when the community doesn’t want to do good as a whole. I know whole families in my hood that are outside all day doing absolutely nothing. Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, & Louis Farrakhan couldn’t do anything to fix this if they tried simultaneously. Instead of breeding political leaders and engineers to stand up for the rights of minorities; we out here persuading these kids to fuck anyone up who looks at them sideways with hopes of it ending up on youtube later on that night.

Society ain’t make it okay for a mother in her late 30’s & daughter in her teens to be pregnant at the same time; the hood did. Bad enough the hood isn’t even a place. Its a mind state. We aren’t really in a hood or a ghetto. That’s just something we created and it consequently adopted the name through our actions & etc. When will our young children get the point that progress in life is the only way to live?

Next time your in a project or urban area about to bump heads with someone, just fall back. No need to engage in negative activity with someone who wasn’t taught any better. Funny that my generation has to fail due to the fact that we weren’t taught to pick up books and work a full time job. We were only taught how to be niggas.

2 thoughts on “Most of our elders failed us. How could they judge us; niggas?

  1. ironically, your blog does what our peers don’t, exposing to us the lack of positivity and inspiration in the black community to become well respected people.

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