Top 10 Most Unappreciated Rappers in The Game

This is another top ten counting down the most unappreciated rappers in the game and are 10 emcees better than whats on the Hip Hops charts right now and still get overlooked. Now it’s time to respect their mics!


This Chi-town Ivy league grad and one of Prolific’s Dopest MC’s is respected by his fans heavily but not much by hip hop. “Land Of Make Believe” was one of the years best and the shit went plastic but he’s still in the game 6 years strong without a big fan base and he and double o (the sidekick that forms Kidz In The Hal), still gets no love or appreciation and they bring good music. I think he gets overlook because of his brainiac society, for some reason, intellectual rappers aren’t respected in hip hop, but if your a fan of Yeezy, then this someone I would recommended. He is kind of a “Kanye-Light” less ego and more knowledge. His new mixtape, ‘Twenty Something’ out now, cop that joint!


K’naan said it best, when he stated the industry trying to keep him a secret. I heard my man on NBA games more than BET. This is our generation’s Bob Marley, his unique styles bring such a different vibe in hip hop and brings us to the African swag that we don’t get enough of in America and he’s Canadian. Check this man out, he’s probably on one of your favorite rappers Album because they know what’s up, now you need to get there.

8.Styles P

One member of an unappreciated group in the Lox, Styles is the definition of a rapper, thats what he was sent to earth to do. He doesn’t care if it’s politically correct, if you or I like it, or if it sells or not. He just does his job and deliver good hip hop music and I have high respect for emcees who do that but they often get over looked because of it. He killed BMF and been killing alot of shit, get hooked on your Lox history, Styles is nice give this man his respect as one of the best.

7.Lloyd Bank$

The last of the talented bunch of G-Unit, Kanye even said Bank$ one of the nicest cats out and gets no credit. I think Bank$ my be even better than Fif with his last two mixtapes was bananas, “Some niggas sold they soul to rap-not me, i’m still throwin up my G-u-n-i-t” hot shit and loyalty to the fullest and stay dropping hard shit. Bank$ never feel off like 50, Game or Buck and yet he’s the one with the less buzz, he’s always consistent and people sleep on Banks because of Fif baggage but Hunger for More 2 is on the way and I hope it lives up to the hype and gives this man his cred as one of the best.

6. Consequence

The illest nigga outta Kanye G.O.O.D music family and may be lyrically better than Kanye. If you haven’t heard'”Don’t Quit Your Day Job”  one of the hottest albums that never got it’s due. Con one of the better storytellers of hip hop and gets no love. Any track he’s on with Ye, he out shines him and he still gets overlooked which is mind boggling. Consequnce is one of the nicest niggas out, get hip on game.

5.Little Brother

This duo is the shit, if you not hip on Little Brother, shame on you and I blame the pop culture for that. The classic 90’s hip hop live within the duo. This one of those groups I don’t get why people don’t prefer this over a Gucci or a Yo Gotti, they make feel good music and it’s positive, why anything black and positive doesn’t sell in America? You missing out on something special with little brother, get a Little Brother album on your iPod ASAP!

4.Black Thought

Another special Emcee, and can I add the Roots one of the greatest groups of all time! listen to 75 bars and watch “What They Do” video and get back to me. All I got to say is, stop dancing for a sec and open your mind to intellectual rap. Funny thing is, the Roots are more respected by the white community than black, now thats some irony.


Eve the hardest female rapper period, if you say otherwise you haven’t heard an Eve album, solid content. She flips it better than any nigga out today ANY and I’m dead serious. The most underrated Female…no, Emcee in the game because she’s a female. Her last album didn’t ever release, which I’m still pissed about. Eve is real and speaks the truth for women and should I say a positive role model, how many strippers with sextape you know that has little girls who look up to her in a positive light.  Minaj may be the hottest but I don’t see her getting a Grammy like Eve and while she’s what’s “hot”,  Eve is talented.


The nicest member of Slum Village and in the game period. Better than yours and my top five lyrically. He carried Slum for years and now him and T3 split, it’s time for my man to take off as a premier Emcee. His metaphors is a metaphor within it, slick rhymes is off the charts, which ironically needs to be on the charts, you know what….mainstream doesn’t even deserve Elzhi to be honest.

1.Mos Def

Mos Def is deeper than rap, Mos Def is what I want in a Black President, my views on Obama are not needed for this blog(Another in the future) but I didn’t vote for Obama, but I will vote for Mos Def, sit out all nigh in the cold days of November for Mos Def. The most influential rapper easily, because he’s about his politics and puts it in his music and makes us aware of whats going on in America. I don’t agree with everything Mos says but I still respect him highly, can’t say that about Barry.  He’s raw and in your face with no apologies , kinda like us Prolific Movement ha, but I digress. He’s carrying on what Tupac was doing but less thug and more brain. He’s been locked up for his beliefs, I can’t help but respect that, because I would never get locked up for my beliefs, fuck that!  Fuck Revered Al Shapton we need Revered Mos Def. Kids you want to know about whats going on in the world? Pick up a Mos Def album. MOS DEF 4 President!!!!


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