Give Me Your Lunch Money!(Suicide & Bullying)

Something I have been contemplating to discuss but it’s really hard for me to understand. Let me say off back, this is a raw blog so it may sound harsh but it’s whats needed to be said and I’m not known to pull back punches. I have been watching these stories on TV and has bullying really gotten that bad that teens are taking their own lives. During my elementary days(good times, good stuff) I was picked on for being little and hanging with the white kids and I have never thought once of committing suicide. I just came to knowledge it was even considered bullying,

I was never beat up, just teased for being a “Proper” black kid. Which it did change me for the worst, as I “ghetto’d” myself up to fit in and could have possible made me into the man I am today. Note I was 9, don’t ever try fit in, be who your are, Gay or whatever, fucks what’s cool reinvent cool, which was my motto during my High school days. In my High School days people tend to say I was the one doing the bullying (theres some irony for ya) but joking around is not bullying to me. I use to make fun of people all the time, for example this guy in my web design class, I joke about him being gay and he wans’t even gay, at least I thought. Later to find out he’s bi and I was like “Who knew?” and he one of my closes friends but, I digress(I do that alot). If I ever offended him or whatever, I would have hoped he would have said yo, chill out that’s not cool, but he would laugh harder than me and people still say I was picking on him and I’m just an asshole in general my followers should know (follow me @KD_The_Dream) so I talk shit to everyone, even my girlfriend, she knows I’m not satisfied. The last statement was a joke, I’ll pay for it later anyway, from the “bully point of view” sometimes you don’t know your bullying, especially in high school, all that damn drama we went through, we cracked jokes on each other to ease the pain. If someone would get mad or offended cause we’re flamming them or a prank they would never say so, so I think certain people who take offense to the jokes need to stand up and say so, whats the worst that could happen to you?

This is where I feel the parent is at fault partially for making a suicidal kid. Communication is key in a family and you should be able to talk to someone in your family about things likes this and they should give you the advice I’m about to give because that’s the only way I can see a kid wanting to commit suicide over bullying must be a very very lonely kid. If it’s gotten that bad, I think the parent would think to take the kid out of that environment, because going up to their school will only make it worst if it’s that bad, so switching schools seem best in that situation. It gives him a fresh start and a new environment to be stress free  from bullying(for now at least) but you can’t run forever. Now the cyber bullying is where I stop at, seriously, cyber bullying? aka E thugs? Why waste your life and time on that trash. You know how much hate I get on the blog and the net in general, I should have been dead. If you can’t take hate from the world wide web, then I suggest you stay off it till your mature to IGNORE it. Why do people pay attention to hate to that degree? It’s not that serious, fuck they feelings, unless they literally feeling you,  all honesty just stop tripping off someone hiding behind a computer trying to degrade you. Love you or hate you either way your on their mind, so you should be flatter someone took the time out their day to hate on you. Shit, that’s my everyday goal.

The best advice I can give someone who’s getting bullied is to stand up for yourself, if you have the courage it takes to kill yourself, then you should have the courage to stand up for yourself. It’s points in life where you gotta man up male or female. If you got to take an ass beating, then take it. As long as you stood up for yourself and if they keep at it, get some training in. I’ll take a ass beating over death any day, just saying. Martin Luther King jr. took ass beatings for his rights and he got more hate from whites than any bully has in you. Can you imagine if black people killed themselves because they was hated against because of their color, half of us wouldn’t be here or have bleached skin. Gay, straight, black, white, Kat Stacks,  you got to fight back, one way or another. No one is going to do it for you, you don’t fight back, your just an punching bag. One of my favorites lines is; There are two types of people is this world, ones who makes things happen and ones that watch things happen, Stop watching!


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