50 Cent and Chelsea Handler dating?

Now I normally don’t give two fucks about who’s dating who in entertainment but (unless  scandal is involve) this is one hook up I been rooting for. Fif been TWEETING about dating talk show host Chelsea Handler (who has the talk show “Chelsea Lately” and 2010 VMA Host) he’s been talking her up in interviews which she has been as well on her show, now I thought they was just playing around to kill time but. . . now word is….. he’s GOT HER!!

According to people close two the two and the pic seen above, 50 and Chelsea were eating together on Saturday night in the New Orleans hot spot MiMi’s. From the look of that picture, seems like they been boning for a while. Look how close they are towards one another, no one is that close on a first date, just saying

I must say, I been saying Fif need to quit playing and pursuit her, but the looks of it he already got it . Chelsea is nice catch and have a great sense of humor, I must say Fif do your thang and Tip, fucking with Tiny Miss Piggy looking ass, you missed out.


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