Waka Flocka Flame- Flockaveli (Album Review)


Yo, I been waiting to hear this clown album for a while now and I can say it did not disappoint, basically, I can keep this short and simple. I’m not about to waste my time telling you how trash this guy is. His album is gangster ghetto nursery rhymes. Dude is the second worst lyrically rapper I’ve heard ever, B. Pumper harder than this nigga. His productions is off the charts but productions don’t make a rapper and this dude needs to hang up his mic.

I can’t take a guys seriously screaming waka! waka! Waka! on every track, that’s just hilarious, I can’t believe people really like this clown? This is exhibit A on how dumb down rap fans are if you bumping to this shit, I can’t stop laughing listening to this album. Lyrics is whack, hooks are hysterical, only thing going for him is the production, he’s like Lil Jon with a better flow. Saying you gone bust a nigga and bow!…….. bow! doesn’t make your shit hard. Nothing is hot about this album all he saying is he’s hard and bust a nigga and that’s supposed to be hot? get the fuck outta here with this.

Wale, how dare you jump on this nigga album brah. He said lyrical rappers don’t make money and your album was a dud, he’s talking about you my dude C’MON SON! Peep this Wacka line “If I Was Living in water I would be a shark…ROOF!” you can’t make this shit up. Overall, I won’t even dignify this with  our crown rating because it’s not worthy. So I will now be giving trash albums this rating:


If your going to rap about drugs and guns at least do it artistically and captivating to the listeners so they can respect your negative raps in it’s poetic form.


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