KanYe West-The Joy(Feat. Jay-Z,Charlie Wilson,Pete Rock,Kid Cudi, Curtis Mayfield)

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The Bernie Dance

If you a 80’s baby chances are you seen Weekends At Bernie’s with the dead guy that body moves when it hears music, well they got a dance base off the that and boy is it stupid. Shit like this scare hip hop for me as a fan.

The Art Of “The Game”:The Break Up

Let me first start off by saying PMB wants to thank everyone for the positive feedback of the Art of the Game series we have been getting. People been asking me relationship advice and taken the advice from the Art Of The Game series so far and we’ll try to keep delivering great content and make sure to get you daily dose of raw on shit going on in the world from the realest bloggers on the net! Now on to the next installment of the series.

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Waka Flocka Flame on The ‘Baracka Flacka Flames’ Parody “That’s Not A Positive Image For Us Period, As African Americans” Really?

Here we go again, this dude just don’t know how to shut fuck up. The more he talks the stupider he and his fans look supporting this idiot. Now you regulars to the blog know how I feel about this guy and I glorify him for his fans to see. This is what you support, this who music you pay for, a fucking moron. By all means let me start off another Waka blog by saying.

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