The Art Of “The Game”:The Player

Oh yes, PM back at it with the Art Of The Game series again, next is what every man clams to be, which is a player but most dude that say they are and is bad at it. I’m surrounded by Kwame Brown’s and very few Kobe’s and Lebron and why becuase they don’t know the game. So many guys either get caught up or get caught and it’s always some dumb shit too. Understand fellas to be MVP you work at it and most importantly plan ahead going into a game with no gameplan and you’re bound to fail, so let me help you out and give you the the art of the player.

Let me start by saying being player isn’t for everyone, if you one of those guys that get too attach to a chick you just met, then this isn’t for you, this can lead to a dark and lonely world for you my friend, so stay in your lane. The Jealous guys as well, sorry don’t support a hypocrite, this is fair game so respect it in it’s entirely, if you find out you girl is a better player than your are, so your now acting like you’re really hurt but your just upset her game better than yours c’mon son, c’mon. Take the lost and be done with it, nothing worse than a cheat getting cheating on and acting as if they’re pure as a virgin, get the fuck outta here with that shit, but to everyone else lets get it cracking.

To make it easier on your self, what are your trying to accomplish? Just to have fun, trying to fuck every girl in the world or just doing it becuase you can. Most men don’t like to admit that it’s option number three but most of the time it is. I understand, us men tend to do shit just to do it just because of the fact extra pussy is involved while females have goals set, game plans, and even audibles are are set before she goes out to do her thing, she knows what she wants and how she’s gonna get it and if she got a nice body or a cute face 90% chances she going to get it. Female players are like Kobe’s jump shot, it just comes natural after a while to the point that you can’t defend it and what is the jump shot you ask? Pussy Power.

Pussy Power is what makes women better than man in “The Game”, Kobe Jump shot can be 90% effective while a Melo jump shot at it’s highest is just a 79%, see where I’m going. Pussy power already puts female at an advantage in the game alone, like playing against Shaq, it’s just unfair from jump, I can’t knock it though, A female can damn near get any guy she wants, any guy! He can be married with four kids, celibate, or even gay, she can get some dick outta him, trust don’t knock Pussy Power. On top of that, they’re smarter when it comes to self control, when we want sex it can corrupt our minds at times and we lose all focus and can look desperate to screw anything with a hole, which is us a a male in general biggest faults, but females strategically gain focus in a way when they want want sex. Women are more of the predator then men when sexually arouse cuz they know they most likely to get it, while we just got out on a limn. Guy throw himself at a chick, he goes no where, girl throws herself at a guy, he’s waking up with a condom wrapper on his back and a 20 missing out of his wallet, that my friend is Pussy Power and the Female Player at it’s best.

Now what makes a man effective is not his jump shot but his overall game, if you holding down your game then you almost at the level as pussy power is and can do some damage. Understand to be a good player you have to use your brain not your heart or your penis, that seems to be why we tend to fail. Couple of tips to be an efficient player, 1 is don’t date more than 3 girls at once. I know, what! just 3, yes I call it the 3 for 3 special, dating three chicks for three months and then it’s on to the next there and so on, in reality you get 12 chicks in a year at an average, not bad, see I got ya’ll. Note the lesser chicks your seeing at once the better less chance to not get caught up and less money coming out of your wallet becuase being a player cost money and you waste alot too what Biggie say mo money, mo problem……yeah well this mo hoes, less money. Dating multiple chicks lead to money going to waste, like seeing the same movie twice because you seen it with one chick and now the other wants to see so she flashes her Pussy power and now you going to see ‘The Blind Side’ again and you didn’t even like it , we all been there.

Next tip is to balance out your roster of chicks. You gotta have a main squeeze, the “wifey material.” The one chick out of the three chick you can see yourself settling down with or she just wifey material so you put her as your main. Next, you need the side chick, the side chick can know about wifey or not, it’s up to you, if she a true side chick, she’ll hold you down, she’s a great friend with great benefits and has potential to be wifey if your main and you part ways and if she know about her, you’ll save some money, but chances are you will be her side guy if she’s your side chick, if you are willing to play that position then go for it if not then I suggest you tell her shit. Third is the Jump off,  she just got great pussy, can’t put it no better than that. All your sexual fantasies, sex tapes and three somes will come through this chick. She has no morales and idolize Nicki Minaj, she’s a super freak, this is a chick you can’t take home to Moms.

Now that you have your roster, last I leave you with in this blog is how not to get caught in a dumb ass situation that could have been prevented. Delete text messages, don’t ever save a freaky text, no need to save it if you’re getting it. Next, don’t go out with the jumpoff, you can with the side chick cuz she’s down and she’s technically just a friend so that works out but the Jump off is a hell no, keep her ass at your cribs, hers or your homeboys. Third, make sure you got a good wingman that can lie on the fly for you, if you got some unfaithful dumb ass friends, then I suggest you keep them out your sex life or they will fuck it up for you. Last is a big one, don’t I repeat don’t fall in love, nothing player about a nigga falling in love while he’s got two other chicks on the side.

With those tips that should get you ahead and a better understand of the art of being a player and how much strategy it really takes to succeed. I’m not saying you should cheat or get around, but if you do, at least do it properly and effectively. See you next month with the wingman, deuces…

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