You know you played yourself when…

Just when you thought ugg boots were worn in the wrong type of weather…This edtition of “You know you played yourself when…” was well overdue. I intended to do away with this specific line of blogs but, this nigga here gave me infinite ammunition for weeks. As you can see in the screen shot above it’s pretty much gonna rain here all week in New York. Today to be exact, it rained off and on all day but the humidity made it feel like 78. I’d love an explanation from this guy on why he took this leather out of his closet and decided to wear it looking preposterous. His leather jacket made it okay for bitches to wear uggs today in the rain.

To add more to the flame, my life drawing class at City Tech is from 6PM to 8:30PM. All of the windows are closed and its on the 11th floor. Very hot in there; ontop of the fact that the big studio light is always on facing the stage we have in the classroom. This nigga straight played himself…..Brooklyn nigga style. An umbrella and a hoody or sweater was all he needed. Today September 27th, we got our daily dosage of pre-winter.#FashionDisaster

You know you played yourself when you wore that leather jacket in 72 degree weather.


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