Lil Wayne-I Am Not A Human Being(Album Review)

Extra Terrestrial….

The self proclaim best rapper alive, Lil Wayne back at it again, damn! When do this dude rest, he’s in jail and I’m sick of seeing this nigga on my TV. One thing I always respect out of Wayne is he does what he wants and he’s stays in the booth. Hardest working man in hip hop. He’s now out with yet another album titled “I Am Not A Human Being” on his birthday from jail, got to love it. So being the titled not human does this album take it to the next level?

“Gonorrhea” the first track with Drake is hot, Wanye had some decent lines on that joint like, “We in this bitch like Tampons” I liked that line, the beat is crazy and Drake killed that shit, but he quickly losing his own style he once had in 06 and jacking Wayne swag. So I can say he out ‘Wanyed’ Lil Wayne and his own track. “Hold Up” one of the hardest tracks I heard from Weezy in a while and again with some nice lines and a crazy beat and the nigga T street when soft on this, could of keep that nigga off the track. “With You” that track is wack, it’s an annoying chick singing on that track over Drake and Wanye, I easily got tried off hearing her ass. That shit is awful, the production is terrible, way too much going on during that record. “I’m Am Not A Human Being” is what the song says, not normal, kinda rockstar-ish, I dig it.

“I’m Single,” is hot, know that, no explanation needed. I have to say the beats on the album draws you into the songs to the point I’m bobbing my head naturally “Right Above It” is an example of those songs, Drake verse on there is okay but Wanye held his own on that one. “This Ain’t Me” has very little substance and Wanye finally spitting some realness on there, I like that joint.  Wanye haves some clever metaphors, but he just throws shit together.  He will have a hot line but it will not go with the task off the song. I can tell he raps off the dome cuz the shit sounds off the dome time to time. For example, one thing I hate and Drake jacked it from Wayne is rapping hella slow and his lyrics aren’t even captivating enough to rap that slow.

Overall it’s a decent EP, Album or whatever the hell it is. Lyrically, it’s mediocre but the production is solid, except that “With You” joint. Wayne style is hard to grasp either you like it or hate it, and I can say I’m not a fan of it. It seems effortless and not in a good way. Personally, it’s like he putt out so much shit that he’s going stale, nothing on the album is memorable, like what can he really do that will turn heads? Nothing really, he has done everything , unless he do a track with Fif or something. I’ll wait till the The Carter IV to place my final verdict on Weezy legacy but this album is catchy, fun, hip  and that it’s. That’s not enough for me but it is for some of you, if thats what you like, he nails it perfectly, but if you want more substance and lyrically content, then this is not for you. You will come out disappointed.

3 Crowns

Recommended Tracks: Gonorrhea, I’m Single, Hold Up, I’m Not A Human Being

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