Bishop Eddie Long: Motherfucka you did what?….Nah Nah I don’t believe it

Why am I not surprised that one of the strongest black evangelists has found himself in a major sex scandal? Bishop or not, you done fucked up now.For those who aren’t aware or have no clue of the situation lets start from scratch & work into the meat and potatoes(#NoHomo). Bishop Eddie Long is one of the richest and most powerful pastors on this planet. Point blank. In 2004, my boy led a march in Atlanta against homosexuality.


That’s easy, because in the bible it is taught that homosexuality is a sin. Blasphemy to be correct, sort of like committing suicide. Man isn’t supposed to lay down with man, nor is woman supposed to lay down with another woman.

To be honest, I personally don’t even like all of that girl on girl shit. In public, in porn, nowhere. No, I’m not gay. It’s just that being raised in a baptist household; I knew that the shit was just wrong. The fool that claims he believes in god, yet is into all of that pro female ish surely has contradictions in his religious beliefs. Right?

Now what perplexes me about this whole Eddie Long scandal is how none of these motherfuckas act like they didn’t see this coming. The signs are in your fucking face for gods sake. Eddie Long is one of the richest pastors in the world! I just don’t understand how something that happened in 2004 is being pursued in court six years later.

On the other hand, there’s two ways to look at this situation. Eddie has been known to call himself  “The Spiritual Daddy” to young dudes in search for salvation(In other words to young men unsure of their sexuality). Right there is enough to raise an eyebrow on why he’s being charged with sexually assaulting two teenage boys. No matter who you are; you have to watch what you say. That shit right there made me suspicious when I read it.

So if he’s found guilty, he’s a sexual offender. Everything he’s taught in that church immediately has no value. He’s failed in the eyes of the lord. Plus he’s given gays even more confidence in urban/suburban communities.

But even I myself hit a crossroad right here. Though its taught that homosexuality sends you on a one way ticket to hell, who are we as people to distinguish or degrade one another? We’re created equal last time I checked. I have a problem with gay people to a certain extent, but I have no problems with humans as a general population. We are put on this earth to love not to hate. Hate is what leads to our demise on this planet as its foreseen in the bible.

However, how could preachers ramble on about homosexuality when churches allow openly gay people to attend and on top of that damn near half of the people  in the church have doubts pertaining to heaven and hell. You can’t tell a person they’re going to suffer the ultimate fate through hell if you yourself are unsure if you believe in heaven. Same way you can’t preach to someone about heaven if you refuse to believe there is a such thing as hell. Reverse psychology is indeed a bitch huh?

Lord knows how many times the story of GOD has been misconstrued in the church system. Which is why I’m not entirely against people who don’t believe in GOD.

To further reiterate even though I’m drifting off topic, I love people. I guess you could say I love gay people. Not loving them based on sexuality; loving them because they are human. In a sense I can understand how betrayed these people must feel to the general public or by their own families. Gay people are not evil. They aren’t gonna take over the world. Surprisingly, some gay people can be the nicest people on this planet hands down. No one can disagree with that.  I have gay friends, I have gay family members. Love them deeply but, I don’t feel as if I need to prove that to them. Because it makes it looks like I’m secretly against them. Pisses me off to see them all hugged up in public but, its love. You cannot tell a person not to love. I’d jump in a fight to help a gay person if they were attacked just as I’d jump in to defend a straight person.

It may sound confusing to those who see the world in greyscale instead of color. But if the GOD that I was raised up on is for real then  we all will be dealt with on judgment day as it is said in the good book. Unfortunately, you simple minded motherfuckas seem to forget that GOD is forgiving to all.


I’m beginning to believe people are using this whole gay/straight issue as a way to sway from racism between African Americans and Caucasian people.


Sorry if I sound very blatant and vulgar in my text. I just want people to feel the emotion I put into these subjects at hand. Back on topic lol.

If Bishop Eddie Long is a true “child of god” then I would expect him to openly come out and admit he committed adultery with those two teenage boys. Until then, I believe this is just something invoked to spark an outrage giving power to a gay community that has been degraded on many occasions.

In conclusion, don’t be so fast to jump ship attacking Eddie Long for what the alleged crime is. Also, if you are a follower of Eddie Long’s teachings then please lighten the fuck up. All of the hate you spread toward gays is going to send you to a demise faster than anyone else. People who “hate” show nothing but a mirror reflection of themselves to the public. Because if I’m going on 20 and display open views on life like this, then 90% of you motherfuckas older than me need to grow up mentally & expand your mindset.


2 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long: Motherfucka you did what?….Nah Nah I don’t believe it

  1. I feel my people and not to sound all Pharaoh Khan but I don’t feel me as a black person is represented in the bible plus many other races. I can’t have faith in a book the white man wrote which is the same person that took me from my motherland plus It’s seem to be alot of homosexuality in churches just not really discussed cuz they know they hypocrites.

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