Matt Barnes arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

NBA player Matt Barnes was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of domestic violence according Sacramento County Sheriffs.

Cops responded to a incomplete 911 call from his residence around 4p.m. Upon arrival cops found a bruised Barnes as well as his girlfriend but, he was only arrested after proving he was the aggressor. This is not a surprise, obviously its because he’s a male. However, the name of his girlfriend wasn’t  released for confidentiality reasons.

Barnes later posted on his twitter page: “DON’T LET YOUR EARS WITNESS, WHAT YOUR EYES DIDN’T SEE!!!”

Barnes was released on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to beat the case on September 13th. Amazing how you & your shorty can have a fight and beings that your an NBA player you have to pay 50k for smacking her once or twice. Could have even been in retaliation.  Its still wrong but, some of these bail prices are fuckin ridiculous when your a celebrity. Yet they won’t do anything about people who refuse to get a job while feeding off our tax money. That’s an issue for another time though.

Barnes just signed a two year contract with the Lakers worth $3.6 million in July. 50k my ass, I would have just went into another room and locked the door until things cooled down. These guys waste money like water.

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