Soulja Boy VS Fabolous (The stunt finally happened and ended as fast as it started)

JBar claims Soulja’s page was hacked but -_- ……..Come on niggas ain’t stupid.

Twitter just got salty within the past hour (1AM) and there’s a whole bunch of beef involved. No homo. Soulja Boy literally went on a finger rampage sending Fab a whole bunch of tweets about how he is going to punch him in the face(Playa Shit). So before we go into anything #RIPSOULJABOYIPHONE.

Fabolous continuously threw jabs at Soulja Boy via twitter before going on the radio and freestyling about him a week ago. So its evident that a response from Soulja was coming sooner or later. Here are the tweets from fabolous after the Kat Stacks video was leaked proving that my boy sniffed white.

I’m interested to see how this plays out. As of now Soulja’s threatening tweets have been deleted but, either way he had every right to go off the way he did. I mean lets be real, we all fucked one of two chicks that fucked everyone else so what, and we all had that one time we couldn’t get it up. That’s just something all of us go through sometime. Just how we all fucked a chick who ran back and told everyone she knew something that potentially damages our character. That’s just what hoes do on the rise to the top(R.I.P Pimp C). I don’t know how any nigga could get his dick up fucking the mole rat from Kim Possible anyway.

Had the Pimp been alive I don’t think Kat would have gotten far in the game at all. So moving along, um yeah. It is astounding to see everyone on my timeline calling Soulja Boy pussy. We all know the situation when he was robbed. He was followed from the club to his house and stuck up. Fabolous on the other hand was shot by an NBA player. A backup NBA player from Brooklyn to be exact! We have yet to see some retaliation of the situation but, hey I guess the nigga with more money gets no respect. Fab may be catchy with his punchlines every once in a while when he’s not saying “Its loso, in case you aint know so.” otherwise, son is straight garbage. I’d rather listen to some Kid Cudi or Wiz Khalifa. Even T.I dumb ass is starting to become a bore. I guess all that E him and Ms. Piggy is over there consuming has started to get to him.

Here are the tweets from Soulja Boy by the way

Its 2:53 and I just read a tweet from Fab saying that he thinks Soulja’s account was hacked and hes going back to bed. Just like that something that would have blew up the media airwaves has subsided. What I’ve realized within the past there hours; the fans of these artists and entertainers take twitter too serious to a point where you’d think some of them didn’t have a life of their own. I know some of Y’all are reading this saying ” Nigga you doin the same thing!” but, you gotta understand this is my job. Its part of networking when I’m outside of my regular job. So I have an excuse.

Matter fact its 3AM now. Fab tweets he’s going to sleep and Soulja comes back online saying

Now the tweet disappears again and Fab comes back wondering where it went.  Man Fuck it. I sound like a groupie hoe. But y’all get the point of whats going on. It has to be a publicity stunt. This is just something funny to crush bud to.

Fab may be the better lyricist but, Soulja is more successful.

Maybe Jay shoulda showed Fab the same attention he did T.I.

I don’t even think I’ll blog about this again

9 thoughts on “Soulja Boy VS Fabolous (The stunt finally happened and ended as fast as it started)

  1. Notice how soulja boy wrote “fuck lyrics wen i see u ima beat yuh face in boy” lmfao he even knoes he suks. Souja is successful but he gets as much respct as a porn star. He can b da riches man in the world but the nigga is whack on the mic gots some nice beats though.

  2. LOL that lil nigga ain’t fucking with Fab flow crazy bars crazy songs crazy and his last album was better than any Soulja album

  3. Wasn’t Loso dissing B pumper this dude need to worry about making a hit Breathe was a looong time ago. Wat up wit dat jackit lookin like da last dragon HE GOT THE GLOW!

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