Black Milk-Album Of The Year (Album Review)

Album of The Year, Really?…

I haven’t reviewed an Album in a while, really hasn’t been much to review. A stale couple of weeks and Wale been taking over my I pod with “More About Nothing” but I digress, on with the show.Thank Me Later, Beast Mode and Greatest Story Ever told, are album with a cocky title that puts  pressure on the Artist to have it leave up to that title. I can say none of them have yet to lived up to them. Now comes the next person up to bat, Black Milk, the Detroit MC storms in with his “Album Of The Year” record. The album of the year candidates as of now is Big Boi, Nas and Damien Marley and Eminem, so off the back with that title, I’m comparing this to the best, lets see can Black back his shit up.

“365” starts of the albums and it’s a great start, kind of a  foreshadowing track of what is in store of the album. A nice line he said on the record is, “fuck that rap  shit, we listen to classical,” ha ha he went in on the line. “Welcome” has a classic 90’s hip hop vibe and his declaring war on industry cats. “Oh Girl” is my second favorite track on the album, nice storytelling and some nice lines on that joint. Next is “Deadly Medley” the best collab of the year, Monster is hot but this is fire! favorite quotables from that track, Black:”They laugh at your performance, my shit Martin Luther, your shit Martin Lawrence,” Royce: “You can’t take the heat get yo ass out the kitchen, matter fact, get yo ass back in there and wash the dishes,” Elzhi:”Pockets go green like it’s earth day, thats why I blow cake like it’s my birthday,” That just might be the track of the year, hands down.

“Over Again” is another classic track, great motivational rap on that one, a must listen. “Warning” is a smash, great club record with lyrics! don’t get that alot nowadays club records with some rhymes. “Closed Chapters ” is by far the best close to a album I have heard since “Food and Liquor.” The production on “Album Of The Year,” complements Black Milk well. I felt like I was in ‘Back to The Future’ listening to this album, such a 90’s swag, less gimmicky and more about putting out good music. It’s  quite a impressive album, Black Milk did his thing on the record, I have nothing negative to say about the album, none what so ever. It dose what is suppose to do as a hip hop album.

Overall, this albums is Great, but is it a Album of The Year candidate? You know what, I have no reason on why it isn’t. It delivers in every area and achieve what a great rap album should be. The strength is the lyricism on the album, the production is hot but Milk rhymes is what set it off.  He went in from start to finish and I dig each track from start to finish, can’t say that about any other album of this year,to have every track I like and this my first time listening to Black Milk. I know for a fact this is gonna be one of those big sleepers of the year and I say it’s a must buy, especially to people who whine about hip hop saying it’s dead, cuz Black Milk disagrees. So did Black Milk album live up to the expectations of the title, YES!

4 Crowns


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