Hip Hop Prospect:CineMax Millz

Prolific back with September’s Emcee and I must say they been getting better and better by the months but now, it went from good to great. You ever listen to a rapper that made you want to stop listening to rap, like the shit so dope you feel there is nothing else in rap you need to hear, like that  no one can top that, we’ll that’s how I felt when I heard Septembers Emcee, especially with the trash on your tube. I heard dude and I wanted to sign him but let me stop hyping the man up and prolonging the intro and give you this months Hip Hop Prospect, CineMax Millz.

From Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina, CineMax Millz aka Future on Demand brings his talent to the fore front and all I will say is someone sign this man. Giving rappers a reason to pick the pen up and raise the bar, quoted for the rapper and he truly is. I heard his “Who Dat freestyle” and it left me dumbfounded, lyrically the illest Prospect by far. I love rappers who to settle for less than first, I asked the Queens City native why he enter the rap game and what he want to achieve, his reply;

“I’m aiming to be one of the GREATEST rapper alive……hmm pretty much being able to move the crowd with thoughts, just seeing how music affected myself and others its like a scapegoat for some people. The influence it has on people lives is AMAZING look at the late great Micheal Jackson!”

He’s already halfway there, he got a track “Through Your Head” fucking bananas “You like my dick, only hard around bitches but then you come soft when you surrounded by niggas,” WOW! give this dude his contract! That a hot ass record peep that @ mypace.com/cinemax_millz. Millz is going to blow, fuck a prospect, nigga in line to be Rookie of Year soon. I asked him on views on hip hop and the state that it’s in and he answered;

“IM BLIND I dont see anything (haha) seriously tho im not feeling too much thats out right now but Hip Hop is not dead its playing hide and go seek and IM IT!!! (haha) the game is doing a 360 slowly but its shifting and like we heard plenty oftime History repeats itself. who got next??”

I hear something special in his music, the only prospect I’ve been blown away by their lyrics. He got potential to come in and takeover, not many mainstream rappers have that potential. Look out for his website coming soon, matter of fact, you don’t even have to worry, we subscribing to CineMax and will keep you posted on all CineMax Millz news. Reach Millz at his email Cinemaxmillz@gmail.com or if you on FaceBook search CineMax Millz and fan him, like him, love him, support him, support hip hop! cuz we officially tune in to CineMax Millz and will watch this star rise to the the top becuase he will and you know where you heard the name CineMax Millz at first! I leave you with his “Stop The Party Freestyle” and to the Future Prospects, step that shit up! If he don’t motivated you to step your game up, then stop rapping.


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