The Art Of “The Game”

Prolific Movement is giving you a five part series breaking down the highs and lows of modern day relationships from trying to be a “Playa,” to having the perfect “Friend With Benefits” or just trying to settle down. This five part blog series will analyze everything you need to know to a science. This is basically is a playbook in a way,or just tips to help you in your every day relationship. Making sure you come out as the MVP.

First, I wanted to start with an Introduction of what the Game is. The game is the power between battle of the sexes from the opposite sex and the same. Who’s playing? everyone in a relationship or seeking one. Understand every move or decision you make will effect your game, so staying on your P’s and Q’s is a must! This is the first chapter per-say,  so I’ll keep it in the intro form.

Let’s start with the way you dress, if you don’t care about how you dress, then I advise you to, if you want get off the bench and play, you will have to change that. Now that you fresh to death and out and about to go out for “hunting season” say you see a a female you interested in, without going over there and getting dissed, theres signs to show she interested as much as you are into her. 5 quick signs a female give you the queue to come take to her.

  • A women smile can hold your attention from across a dark crowded room and it shows a friendly welcome sign and gives you the ok to go and at least talk to her.
  • Lips,  playing with her straw in her drink in her mouth, Lick her lips constantly or play with the corner of her mouth with her tongue at you. Biting her bottom lip is an obvious one while she corner smile, that’s a complete pass and a green light to the fullest.
  • You posted up at a club or out and she continues to walk by with apparently no sense of why she’s there, she’s waiting on you to say something. She’s trying to get you to notice her which this is a obvious sign she’s interested.
  • The eye contact is another obvious one, she eye balling you from across the room she really digging you and a sign she a freak, true story.
  • The last clue is if you prolong and can’t tell she wants you to talk to her, she’ll come and talk to you but not always effective it can come off as shy or just dumb and if you seem not noticing her,  she’ll eye ball the next guy.

The next thing is pick up lines, in order to engaged with the opposite sex you have to start off with a pick up line but not like “A baby, I wanna squeeze the left one and make the right one jealous,” no not that kind, different pick up lines. Simplicity is the key, you know when you ask chick how to approach her 98% say just be you and yes that is what you do, be you and use a simple pick up lines “You smell really good what is that?” or “You know you have a really nice smile” but don’t use ass or tits anything but those two. You don’t want to come off as you just looking for some ass, most of us are but that’s another blog on the way.

A don’t is can’t be shy while your over there either, you’re a man dammit, so act like one. She look at you waiting on you to make a move too long she outta there that’s a 24 second violation. Stay focus and keep your eyes on the prize. Not the ass and tits, the eyes, eye contact is key. You gotta be confident and if you funny be funny you make her laugh, like bust in tears laughing, you in there. If your an ass be an ass and a little bit of spontaneous, even if it’s doesn’t result in a number it’s practice for the next women you see and build confident in a shy person. Fact, the more you get turn down by a women the more confident you are to approach one. If you never been turn down before, than you don’t  approach alot of women.

Couple rules to remember not to break in the “Approach phase”  Rule 1, never give up on the game plan, meaning never give up or quit playing the game or give her full control. If you do, she won, you are done before you even start. Once she see you ain’t hip on game, she will string you along just to play with you and toss you away as soon as she gets bored. Next one, never make fun of her peeps she came with if she did, respect them as they’re her….for now, until you seal the deal, you gotta kiss they ass, in order to get some. Last rule, can’t bring up sex, not in a joke, not at all, far as she should know in the approach phase, you don’t know what sex is, you a proud virgin. Women assumption of men is all we think about is sex, can’t give her predictability, if you do then your chances drop, keep her guessing your motives.

If she ask for your number, try to compromise and exchanged numbers, if you just give her your number your giving her complete control and will have you pulling your hair out waiting on her to call, so make sure you get her number and if you do call, wait 3 days at most, 2 at least, don’t wanna seem desperate for affection. When you do talk to her make sure to never ask for anything, you tell her everything. I’m taking you out, don’t ask, demand the control, it shows confidence and smoothness if you do it right. When the first date happens same rules apply in the approach phase, but note if she brings up sex she thinking about boning on the first night, don’t get your hope up it’s just a thought but you can capitalize on it later when the date ends. When the dates does ends and your at the infamous stoop or drop off, remember this; whatever move she makes, make sure you counter it.

If she goes for the kiss, you pull back and say some bull shit or even better as she goes for it, you kiss her on the cheek give her the “mix signal” let her keep guessing what your motives are . Say if she doesn’t go for a kiss then you go for it, and if she takes the bait, then you in there, she doesn’t, then she giving the “mixed signal” but if she tries to smash on the first night, you must deny, I know what?  turn down the sex. If you digging her and she tried to give it up on the first night and you ain’t even initiate it, chances are she’s gonna try to give it up again so just be patient. But if she throws her self all over you and and ripping your clothes off that’s in the words of John Legend thats the greenlight, but note it can back fire, she get you half naked and she half naked and then she say ” Wait!………..I think we rushing it” boom! you just got played, she wanted to tease you and see if pussy power is in effect(another blog on the way).Now she telling her girls how she  just played your ass while you driving home with a hard on trying to figure out what the fucked just happened. The other scenario is she dose give it up, if so, then she got played. Once that happens you have the power, you have the right to label her now in you phone, put her in the booty call category or whatever, she can’t knock you for nothing, she gave it up on the first date, she get’s no respect and play her ass till you sick of looking at her.

This game is like chess, one move can changed everything so play smart and plan ahead.

Chapter 2 Chapter 3


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