Divorce not even 48hrs & Tiger’s Ex Wifey runs to People Mag

Tiger Woods, you have been a target since you crashed that damn Escalade. Now your shit has hit the fan and millions of women across the world are rejoicing.

The Tiger Woods sex scandal or whatever you want to call it has been one to remember for perhaps the decade or century. It has grown a self-proclaimed popularity rating that succeeds that Bill Clinton scandal. Why? Because he’s Tiger Woods that’s why. We all know that soon as this issue began unfolding that his career was soon to fade out but, who knew it would be so fucking soon? I’m content with being an open-minded individual when I say that Tiger indeed brought this on himself. We all know the rules to the game; “What they don’t know won’t hurt them. It’s only a problem when you get caught.”

We the people have placed Tiger on a Petalstool higher than any man on the face of this planet at this time. Tiger Woods has a bigger persona in the public eye than the President & Bill Gates put together. And when his dirt finally came to light it bamboozled many fans around the world because we thought he was perfect. “We…..not him or his wife…..us” Because we wanted him to be perfect. Indeed his pussy game was super long, Tiger fucked himself over by trying to cheat with these fake high-profile women. However, this is what happens when you jump into marriage without a chance to explore what’s out in this world.

Sister clubs, Book clubs, Oprah Winfrey, and Perez Hilton are drooling with excitement that his ex-wife can now talk to the media now that the divorce is final. Less than 48 hours final that is. People magazine wasted no time with capturing this money wanting gossiping ass bitch for a one on one interview. And now all of a sudden she’s the victim. Not the kids stemming from a current divorce, her. Shit like this kills me. So now she’s going to take the most advantage of this situation and dick ride it for as much money she can get.

Like we all don’t commit infidelity within our relationships. Come on. Even harmless people have secrets. I cheated in my last relationship, and in the one before that. I’m sure the females did something they weren’t supposed to be doing also but, can I blame them and be a hypocrite? No. We as humans have needs. We get bored. Sometimes people can stick it out without cheating but, don’t believe they don’t come inch close to doing so. No one is perfect. Not even Tiger Woods anymore. I’m interested in seeing if our Fuck Boy of a President will have something to say about this since he apparently shows more interest toward sports than anything else he should be worried about. Go record a fucking PSA for kids  around the world under 21 years old that are fucking killing each other. You’ll catch him at a college basketball game once the season comes back around though.

Here’s the link to Tiger’s Ex wife’s People Mag article. I refuse to quote it in this blog because I believe this is just for money & full of shit.

Elin’s People Magazine Exclusive!


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