Iphone 4 hands on review (The two month wait is over)

When I stopped the UPS delivery guy outside for my package my life suddenly slowed down. The iPhone 4 out the box is simply astonishing. I know I sound like a fan boy but, I couldn’t be more happier in the world right now. Had HTC created a better phone for AT&T then this would be a different review. The retina display is truly something a person should experience on a cellular phone. Then again; the iPhone isn’t just a cell phone, its a hand held life.

The cameras built into the 4 do even the ugliest person justice in the darkest of areas at will. Though, it took me sometime to figure out why all my pictures I took with flash were coming out blue. Turns out I forgot to take the plastic off. Who knew HD looked this good on a phone. Apple sure knows how to make someone dispose of their old Sony Cybershot. Oh yeah, you can record video with flash too.

It makes no sense for me to go into specs on this device. It would just feature a bunch of copy & paste from Apple’s website so I saved us the bore. FaceTime is a feature that I look forward to trying out when I sign on skype later. When you try to access the feature during a regular phone call with a non iPhone user it will hang up but, the call will still be in progress so no worries.

One of my favorite things about my iPhone is that I customized the look with this red vinyl strip to surround the metal edges on the phone; giving it a divine look aside from everyone elses phone. To clear some speculation also: I have no signal drops due to antenna failue, my calls have not dropped, and the battery lasts pretty fuckin long no matter what apps are running.

Once again, I can’t really describe how great a retina display looks. Its like looking through a high definition telescope. Now every good phone has its flaws so here we go. I’m very disappointed that there isn’t no HD quality on the front facing camera but, I refuse to hold a gripe over a $216 dollar phone. The battery life is longer than the 3gs yet, it still falls short. About 4 hours of good usage is great but, it apple wants to attract a bigger audience as a company then a higher capacity battery is needed. The major flaw that will lead to the demise of Apple software in general is the bugs in the OS. However this iOS4 was coded truly brought upon many problems for more iphone 4 users than 3gs users. I had to reset my phone to load my emails from my newly added accounts; which was a problem after 10 mins of trying everything else. That’s not all, through all the trial and errors of the iphone 4 we still get a free case to shut all of you whining bitche’s mouths. So if you have the iPhone 4 please make sure you download the iphone 4 case app and follow the instructions to get your free case before the second week of September(when you’ll be assed out again).

In a nutshell I give the iPhone 4 a solid B. I still view the HTC Evo as a better phone however, Apple obviously wins the battle when it comes to its consumers. I know this review was very short detailed. I just didn’t know what subjects to touch on so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via blog comment or on my twitter(@hatejaesexxx).

Stay tuned for more on PMB


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