The 90’s: The Golden Ages of Hip Hop

The 90’s is the best decade period! The best most movies, inventions (besides the beeper C’mon son!), TV shows from Martin to Seinfeld and of course hip hop music. The 90’s were so free and about expression and art unlike nowadays rap music. The 90’s era did to hip hop what Jordan did to the NBA, pure Legendary, setting a bar and will NEVER, yes NEVER be touched or duplicate but always imitated. Half of those rap stars in that decade wouldn’t have even made it in the new millennium, just to show how times changed for the worst.

Some of the greatest Artist came out the 90’s, there was Digable Planets, DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, Method Man, Redman and of course Big and Pac. Rap was gutter back in those times, it was raw and in your face and real. Now when I say “Real” I mean real people, no Rick Ross’s or fake shit like that, it was rapper’s writing about what they know, from the Gangster rap of Ice Cube to conscious Common. If you would look at the rap charts in the 90’s you can see the wide variety of styles and talent in biz. Thats what makes the 90’s so great with shows like Yo MTV Raps, you seen everyone get there shine in the spotlight and everyone sold, Redman never really a popular Emcee or in the spotlight as most rappers and he went gold becuase of good music he didn’t even have to be in the spotlight to sale, you can’t do that nowdays. There was dope female’s in the 90’s (that was representing as well, Da Brat tat tat, Foxxy Brown, Lil Kim (when she was fine), Ms. Lauryn Hill, Yo Yo ans Mia X remember them.

Beside Def Jam the biggest label at one point was No Limit, yo No Limit was the Cash Money of the 90’s and they did it much better. They had more rap stars Mystikal, Master P, C-Murder, Silk The Shocker, Magic, Kane and Able man I can go on and they all sold and gave us double CD albums for the price of one, no one is doing that anymore, on the mixtapes yeah but 25 to 30 tracks on a album? now that’s the hustlers mentality right there cn’t help but appreciated that. Guru is the most unappreciated rapper in the game as well as Big L, they was holding they own in the 90’s. I cannot forget Nate Dogg, Nate Dogg is what T-Pain and Wayne is now, if you wanted a hit in the 90’s, just call up Nate and it was a smash and he did it with no auto tune or nothing and he was on everything too. The greatest rap album of all time was created in the 90’s Illmatic, it’s still being quoted today and was quoted by Hova in the 90’s on his classic, Reasonable Doubt,to add also classic’s like Tical, Chocolate For Water,36 Chambers, Me Against The World, Low End Theory and Ready to Die, albums that mark a legacy still relevant today.

Last but certainly not least, Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace, two Icon’s of rap,no other rappers had a big impact as those two, well there was this white guy with blond hair that Dre put out in 99, but he officially took over the new millennium so that’s another blog. The 90’s had a great balance that is not seen in todays music. Everyone got a chance at the spotlight and some didn’t even want it and just put out good music. As today it’s about marketing and sales. Wack rappers are getting air time over dope ones, Wacka Flocka lost his damn mind and hoes on Lil B dick cuz he look like Hannah Montana but Wale flops with one of the greatest albums in the new millennium, that shit don’t sit well with me, there is no equal opportunity. All in all, the 90’s was the shit, pure classic decade, take notes rappers.


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