Music Monday Shup-O.F.F Gang feat. Shmoove

Finally a group of dudes with talent

My boy Wauta from the Money Moguls crew been pressuring me to do this blog on these guys for a good minute now but, I haven’t had time due to a crazy work and promoting schedule I managed to mix up. So in order to hold up my end of the deal; I turned off my phone and gave this song a listen & it was well worth it all.

I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t too fond of the music after the first listen. However, when I actually opened my ears to pay attention it really sounded pretty good to me! The music is pure. Not none of that bullshit I usually listen to about somebody getting killed & etc which is pretty preposterous. On the real though, I like this song. Its a cool groove for a promotional party or a club.

Now what I’m hearing through the grapevine is that there is a video for this in the works being produced by Mills Miller(@MillsMiller) , they are currently in the works of making a song aimed for the college crowd(Orgy Parties I hope) and will be on their mixtape dubbed “O.F.F Season”. So we definitely will look forward to that. Nothing makes me more proud of my race at a young age than seeing my companions do something positive. On some G shit though, at the end of the day…..I’d fuck a bitch to this song. That’s just my opinion. We’ll keep you updated here on the movement when it comes to these guys.

Behind the scenes video footage


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