World Basketball Festival 2010

Yesterday the World Basketball Festival was held in Radio City Music Hall. The
show included a performance by Jay-Z who performed some of his most recent hits such as "Run This Town", but also took it back to Reasonable Doubt days by
performing "Dead Presidents". Ballers such as Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and
Rajon Rondo got to showcase their talent. Although it was just a scrimmage, a
lot was on the line for some players. Guys like Tyson Chandler and Rudy Gay look to join the likes of Miami's big 3, Kobe, and Melo in 2012 as USA tries to get their 2nd gold medal in a row. The only locks I see making that team 2 years from now is Kevin Durant. I think Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose are going to have to fight it out to play with Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Personally I think Rose will make it over Rondo. Under FIBA rules and style, a more physical guard is much more helpful, so maybe Rondo will sneak his way in. The scrimmage games  prove to be a good way to keep these, as I would like to call them "almost superstars"
improving. I'm sure Lamar Odom or Javelle McGee know they won't be representing USA in 2010, but they know this is a great opportunity, and a great way to improve their game.


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