God Bless America F#cked The Rest!

I woke up this morning and I look out the window of my boy crib and see the police locking up some cat on the block, a crack head right down the street look like the nigga doing the boogaloo and a baby literally walking back and forth in the middle of this street, seems like the American dream? The place you come to be free but when you come here you realize, ain’t shit free, so they head up north to get some free health care. It’s crazy how people don’t realize why as a country we are hated but it seems quite obvious to me.

As a society, we’re fucked up in the head. America is probably the home of the craziest fuckers in the world, Gangs, Crackheads, Hoe’s, Murders that kille just for the hell of it and that’s just Vegas. We do the stupidest shit as well, I turn it on the news and we just doing dumb shit after dumb shit. D.C sniper, Jeffery Dahmar,a man shooting himself to get custody of his child and other off the wall shit like a lady put her kids in the dryer. Darrion Albert, much respect, was killed outside in a school fight, I never would have imagine in school I can die in a fight. This really bothers me how advance we are as a country and yet our problems in society aren’t. It’s the same shit, minimum wage, teen pregnancy,drop outs rates go up, kids killed, it’s like a pattern and we got the nerves to act like we the shit. For what? we is the worst when it comes to American culture, for one, we don’t even have a legit culture. We focus on celebrities lives more than anything, I’m trying find out what’s going on with health care shit on CNN and I see Tiger Woods scandal, what the Fuck is that doing on CNN! This ain’t Bill Clinton getting head, this a half Asian- black dude that can play golf good and as of right now sucking at it, why the fuck are we worshiping these people for?

Then you got skinny bitches wanting to be skinner and fat people depress and not eating, be lucky your fat ass got the options to eat or not, while others around the world are starving to death. You know a fat kid in Ethiopia would be the happiest kid on earth, cuz that kid would be full. On that note, it’s crazy to me how we help people across the world and we don’t help out our own country,but God Bless America. People are starving in America just as much as they are in the other countries but they not getting help, I know we got the shelter but that shit not helping them, just making them more comfortable being homeless, sitting on your ass doing nothing for your life,give these people jobs, they ain’t doing shit. Then you got the system which is just all fucked up, why people in prisons can’t get Degrees no more or do anything productive for society. It’s people living better in jail than bums in the shelter, they basically rich bums. Why hasn’t shit like Marijuana and prostitution been legalized, the government could have easily made millions off those two in taxes alone, but they all for abortions and plastic surgery.  City schools are constantly closing and then they want to know why kids dropping out, their no schools and the ones left are jacked up can I hint Derrion Albert.

I know I’m rambling, but the point of this blog was to show us as a country and people , we are a pretty vain as a society. We act like this is the best country to be in, but the root of this country has been killed. This is the native homeland and we just Deebo’d it. The black community still suffering today over slavery that shit happen over fifteen hundred years, imagine getting snatched from your motherland and force to work to stay alive and then you slave master is forced to release you which some probably didn’t but that’s, we got no sorry cards, no land, no nothing, just a Kanye shrug. Now to gays who can’t get married due to religious concerns but the government could less what Religion thinks, but God Bless Amercia, the government just hate gays to be honest. I don’t think people realize how fucked up America really is, that fact that half the people who voted for Obama is because he’s black should prove how vain we are as a society. So when I hear God Bless America, it’s just that, bless the system and government, fuck everyone who’s here and fuck every other country that which we all came from since no one here heritage rely in America. The land of the free but your forced to do jury duty and get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, that’s the free life, America is just one big contradiction. I can hear the critics now, go to Africa then……if it was only that simple.


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