Hours after 50 Shots. One dead & Six hurt. Al Sharpton where are you now?(UPDATE)

(Update) Ballistics have come to show that the bullet killing Luis Soto came from a Police gun. Police previously accused the guy who Luis had the fight with of producing the deadly bullet. It will be interesting to see how this case plays out because now his sister spoke out to daily news reporters saying that he didn’t even have a gun. The truth is all they want. He is supposed to appear in front of a Grand Jury in the future. Shots rang out at 3a.m, it remains a mystery to me why cops didn’t show up to remove the body of Luis Soto until 8a.m.

I really don’t know where to start with this one. Either way you put it, this was unacceptable but I can’t be mad because this is normal life in Harlem world. Apparently, yesterday around 3a.m two guys began arguing at a party over something childish I bet if it wasn’t about money. Next thing you know; cops are responding to a 911 call and before anything could get sorted out shots were fired. There’s no explanation for how I feel about this situation. Not for the fact that someone was killed, but for the fact that this is totally normal.

See the shit that gets under my skin is we advocate violence in Harlem. This is what we like. We feed off of it. We in Harlem use violence to elevate us as human beings. Especially teenagers and when I turn 20 in March it will be no different. Its everywhere we go, “Fuck this bitch, fuck that nigga, I’m bout to get him/her washed.” its all over twitter and facebook. People just can’t live without drama for one single day. However, this is how we are being brought up these days. Parents aren’t enforcing rules to help their children graduate from high school  to prevent them from buying guns from local drug dealers to kill their own people.

Now back to the situation at hand. Hypothetically speaking if the cops cared about anything that went on in this borough an ambulance and all would have been on the scene within the next 10 mins to a half hour. Amazing how we have a whole unit of Law enforcement in NY, yet that nobody managed to stay on the ground until 8a.m when I was coming from the laundry. It all goes back into Politics.

Where was Al Sharpton while all of this was going on? Where was Jessie Jackson’s eye for racist comments ass at? Two main niggas(Yes, Niggas) I can’t stand no matter how much they did for us African Americans. Feel free to call me a rebel. See, Sharp & Jess are the two main niggas waiting with they eyes popped out they head for a white celebrity of government official to speak out in degradation to blacks. Whereas I remain baffled to see why they haven’t done anything to try to end Black on Black crime in America. Hypocrites I swear. Yeah I know what you did for us as far as history, but where are you when we need you? For gods sake a body laid on the ground until 8AM! How many times must I stress that? Also from what I hear people got shot in the Bronx and around 119th and 7th in Harlem.

I know channel one news loved this shit when they came out here to do a story on this. I don’t know how or when but, someone needs to step up and lead this misguided borough of teenagers before we kill each other off.

Once upon a time in a little town of Harlem

The only option is to get a gun to solve a problem

When will it end?…..

Crazy part is I’m not even sure if I’ll make it to see 21 living here.


4 thoughts on “Hours after 50 Shots. One dead & Six hurt. Al Sharpton where are you now?(UPDATE)

  1. So true , our youth today have mental shackles that dont alow them to better themselves all because of the whole “Hood Famous” popularity battle . I feel like theres going to be a continuance of unfortuanate events like this as long as everybody feels as if a gun will solve any and every problem . AL Sharpton only turns up when there is an abundance of media involved to increase the works of his own image ; i am saddened that shit like this will continue being that everybody wants to put up a “R.I.P” condolence , and yet they still want to engage in violence , or at least help instigate it . Great job Jory !

    1. Thank you Q. It seems like yesterday I can remember coming outside and just chillin. Don’t gotta worry about nobody lookin at me wrong or trying to bump me to start a fight. Its over for everyone who chooses to life life here with nothing going for themselves. These politicians don’t give a shit deep down anyway

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