Hours after 50 Shots. One dead & Six hurt. Al Sharpton where are you now?(UPDATE)

(Update) Ballistics have come to show that the bullet killing Luis Soto came from a Police gun. Police previously accused the guy who Luis had the fight with of producing the deadly bullet. It will be interesting to see how this case plays out because now his sister spoke out to daily news reporters saying that he didn’t even have a gun. The truth is all they want. He is supposed to appear in front of a Grand Jury in the future. Shots rang out at 3a.m, it remains a mystery to me why cops didn’t show up to remove the body of Luis Soto until 8a.m.

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When Rapping Goes Wrong…..Smh

This is hilarious, a song about a shaved cooch, no explanation is needed and peep B wardrobe….. woooooow. Morpheus daughter Montana Fishburne in here looking a hot mess, she is just ruining porn for me, what she go by “Chippy D” lmao aw man, this shit writes itself.

Theres more, he disses Jay……………smh