Hip Hop Prospect: Atom Ant

We going back to the east coast for August’s emcee, Diggy Simmons may have some competition now, from Camden, NJ. I give you 16 year old Rapper/Producer Atom Ant. Name after the 60’s cartoon character, He took up the name because of the strength of his musical talent.

Atom Ant has a 90’s swag and isn’t just your normal teenage rapper, he has great substance in his music that is well past his time. He also a producer on top of that and wants to be Hip Hop’s Renaissance Man. He wants to show his peers that Hip Hop and life isn’t all about hitting up the club, money, girls, and cars, it’s about the meaning you bring to it, and he’ll show you this without the Autotune. Gotta love a young black male with his priorities straight.

Atom is a huge Hip Hop fan and his big passion for rapping brought him into the music game.  Atom Ant also stated that he feel Labels heads, Radio Stations, and BET messed up this generation’s views of Hip-Hop music. He delivery has  such an old school vibe it’s shocking he’s only in his teen to be rapping like he is rapping. I heard his freestyle on Street Fighter IV beat produce by Just Blaze, crazy and he has a track called ‘Relaxing Situation’ on the Flying Lotus productions that goes hard as fuck, dude is nice and he flips it better than half these cats on your TV.

Make sure you watch out for this youngin, can’t have nothing but big things in his future. Link up with him at http://www.youtube.com/user/jcitymusic and datpiff.com to hear his mixtape and shit is fire. Peep his track “Huey freeman”, crazy record.


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