Bun B-Trill O.G(Album Review)

UGK for Life…..

Rapper Bun B rose to fame in the duo UGK. Bun B and Pimp C formed UGK in and forced sole due to Pimp C was sent to jail and later released and they did a reunion album and then Pimp C later past away, leaving Bun B to carry on the UGK legacy. So Bun B is set to release his latest solo album ‘Trill O.G’  so is the album a hit or miss?

The album starts off real official with “church” letting it be known UGK heavily respected. Next track is T-Pain auto tuning shit NEXT! “Just Like That” feat Jeezy and Just like that is a banger, hot track with Jeezy on the hook and a decent 2nd verse.  “Put It Down” Feat. Drake, Bun swagged it on that track, Drake was meh on the track couple of nice lines nothing special. “Right Now” is a hype track with 2pac, Trey Songz and UGK mate Pimp C. Pimp C and 2pac verses crazy, Bun held his own and Trey had a solid hook. “Counting Money All Day” has a catchy hook, Yo Gotti had a nice verse on that and Gucci Mane has his only good verse of his rap career.

“Speak Easy” Feat. Twista is a hot track, Bun killed that and Twista just buried the body and destroyed the evidence, It has Cedric The Entertainer on the hook in a unique style which wasn’t necessary but a decent addition.”let Em Know” is cool I just like Premo Production so thats whats up, “All A Dream” is another smash, one of the few tracks Bun routes in a different direction beside stunting on a the album. Drizzy makes an encore on the album with My favorite track “It’s Been a Pleasure,” a much better hook than “Put it Down” Bun speaks some real shit on that. The album is hot for riding to, great production and some mediocre hooks, but when you listen to it for substance it lacks it for the most part. There is not much diversity in the album or wide range to have this many track and to be talking about the same shit for most part, doesn’t really make the album worth while.

Overall, it’s a solid album, the fault is the production stand out more than Bun B and it’s fucking Bun B. Don’t get me wrong, he keeps it trill from start to finish but that to me is the problem, there isn’t a wow factor beside the Pimp C and 2pac verse, he didn’t try to take a risk or push the envelope(whatever that means) Bun did his thing but most of his verse are forgettable due to that their mostly about the same shit with some sub-par metaphors. I know some UGK fans gonna say I’m hating or whatever but I wanted more from Bun but I got the same ole G. Is that really a bad thing? I guess that’s up to the listen to decide.

Recommended Tracks: Speak Easy, All A Dream, Right Now, It’s Been A Pleasure

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