Lindsay Lohan(Yeah the coke head) Released from Jail this morning

Early this morning, Lindsay Lohan A.K.A Sniff O Matic was released from jail on her 14th out of 90 day sentence. Apparently she headed straight to rehab to serve the rest of her 90 days there but, this proves everything that’s flawed about the judicial system. Money gets you a long way in life. This bitch got caught with coke on a DUI stop. Had she been black, straight to prison she would have went. However, its not time for any racy jokes. I seriously hope she gets help before she ends up killing someone; or even worse herself.

When you kick back and weigh her situation to Lil’ Kim’s its pretty far fetched as Kim did a year for not snitching, yet Lindsay only got 14 days for driving drunk highed up on coke……..

Don’t be surprised if she gets a reality show somewhere along the way of rehab. We called it first here at the Prolific Movement. Stay tuned!


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