B.E.T The apitamy of niggas…past and present

Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga. That’s all I hear subliminally when I watch this fucking channel. The Black leaders we have in this lifetime have done everything in their power to hype B.E.T up to be the ultimate channel or some shit; yet its nothing but pure ignorance on every single show that airs. The only good thing I can remember was the aid marathon they did for the hurricane Katrina when they raised all that money. Other than that B.E.T has been sinking to the dumps since AJ and Free left 106 and Park because Free got Pregnant by Jay-Z.

Hell Date….one of my most hated shows. I remember coming home everyday in my junior year and that shit was on. A knock off version of the original blind date, except we had a nigger midget in a devil suit pop out at the end of the date. Yes, I said a nigger midget.

Seriously, whoever approved this show can suck my dick. First off, I don’t see why we needed a show like this because the original “Blind Date” show did not discriminate against blacks at all.

Harlem Heights, the one show that I never payed attention to. I’m assuming its a gay black version of “The Real World”. I mean, we already have gun violence every fucking day here; why do we need to come home to a fake ass reality show about shit that we can’t relate to? Bring back Big Tigger. Give him a show.

Unfortunately that won’t happen because we put this bitch on TV.

My main focus is that B.E.T has been doomed since B.E.T planted their own devil seed. How are we supposed to be showing the younger generation a better way of life. yet we air videos that include everyone with sagging pants. I feel like I’m rambling on as I dwell on this topic. Just turn to the channel and you’ll see why its okay for white kids to have no problems with calling us niggers on the internet.

Fuck 106 and park

Fuck your award show

Fuck B.E.T as a people, company, and a nation

The word “NIGGA” wasn’t okay to say until they made us portray it as being cool


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