Top 10 Lamest Trends In Hip Hop History

Yes yes, I’m back to expose more wackness in the hip hop community. As I count down the 10 lamest trends in hip hop history and the sad part is… I did about half of them.

10.Dumb Ass Dances– Now I’m not talking about Harlem Shake, the wop or even Lil B cooking dance, digs that shit, I’m talking about stankey leg, booty dew, ricky bobby, bird walk and the pancake, lame shit like that. If a song is revolve around the dances, then you basically marketing the dance, not your music C’mon SON! get some lyrics. What happen to just two stepping, might as well be hip hop aerobics .

9.Sagging- Why the hell is your ass out? All I know is I remember being on the bus on a hot day and it smelled liked ass and I was pissed, becuase I’m sitting next to two sweaty niggas with they asses out and one of them my home boy, You know who you are, you just been exposed. This is just tacky and homo-erotic, pull your damn pants up looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

8.Auto-Tune- this shit still around and still annoying. I thought Jay killed this shit, I let Yeezy slide but that was a while back it’s time to get out this lame ass trend. Stop it please! you are killing hip hop. I just turn off songs with it in them nowadays.

7.Tall tees- This one got pretty bad but it died down, buying big ass clothes mainly big tees, look like you stole them from Precious closet. I will not lie, I jumped on this trend and I felt stupid while I was wearing these big ass tees but it was the hottest trends and the hoes loved it, so I stayed on it,(yeah I was pu$$y whipped) till I said fuck it and throw those bitches in the trash. I felt like I was wearing a think ass dress with some big ass pants. On a hot day, big clothes can kill you.

6.Barbies-hmm wonder who started this lame ass trend………Click here to read Jae Sexxx article on how she fucked up society.

5.Backwards Gear- What is wrong with this picture? Kriss Kross started the backwards movement but it ended quickly due to how stupid it looks. Nelly tried to make cool again by rocking his jersey backwards but he fail miserably.I give  Nelly props he is a risk taker with trend but all seem to fail. I think you will see him again on this list.

4.Skinny Jeans- There is fitted jeans, then there are these. All I wanna know is when he was struggling to put them on (and he was let’s be real)did he stop to think hmmm maybe these to tight. If you love your nuts, why do this man?

3.Grill-Bling Bling, wow that was a lame term itself but I digress. The grills need no case, it pleads guilty itself, give me one legit reason of having a grill? Don’t worry………. I’ll wait.

2.Saying “No Homo” -Why these dudes ain’t got no shirt on? I can get caught watching gay porn and jacking off to it with a Clay Aiken shirt on as long as I say “No Homo” I’m in the clear. If you say something gay, people may not have caught it, so saying no homo makes everyone aware you said or done some gay shit epic fail!

1.The Band Aid-no comment, that’s just lame!


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