Slum Village-Villa Manifesto (Album Review)

The End of A Franchise…..

Slum Village emerged in the late 1990s, the highly regarded Detroit trio of T3, the late Baatin and Jay Dee made a startling admission: their group was a liquid association with members coming and going during the group’s evolution. True to their word, Slum Village has already gone through a number of line-up changes.  As of today the group is now split and put the group to rest the album “Villa Manifesto” is the group final bow it features T3, Baatin, Elzhi, and J Dilla, and I must say it’s a bittersweet exit.

“Bare Witness” by far, the best start off a album this year so far, the production is crazy and Slum just go in like it’s the 90’s and I love every bit of it, you new cats need to take notes. “Lock it Down” is crazy and they not holding it down, they got it locked down because Slum is out for blood on this album. “Scheming” my shit the late J Dilla returns to his roots and the crew backing Slum up nicely, love that, it’s a track about how us fellas scheme at getting at PYT a, you know how that goes. Next track “Earl Flinn” it’s a cool track but I don’t know who Earl Flinn is, so it goes over my head but they ripping it. “Faster” is one of my favorite tracks, a track for the ladies but holds it down for the fellas. “2000 and beyond” is what makes the album official. ” Dance” is a party record but this is a solid party record, no one makes party records like this anymore that’s the difference from today music to 90’s and 80’s they got to be a banger and have you bouncing off the wall like crazy nowadays while this is a fun and chill party record, big props for that one Slum. “Don’t Fight The Feeling” is a 7 minute laid back record that picks up a little to another dance track, not better than “dance” it’s okay, least favorite track on the album. Shout out to K.E.Y.S, I got her mixed up with that chicks Keys that don’t like Miinaj? This is a different Keys, a doper, finer Keys that kills on  “um um” I apologizes for the mix up can’t be given away your deserved credit but now you gotta get do a feature on the site, Nicki better watch out, she’s nice .

If you can’t tell, I’m really feeling this album, it’s fire. Little Brother makes an appearance as well. They should just form a super group, that would be sick! I think that’s the best track on the album. The album is trying to prove a point and it does, Slum Village is legendary and hella underrated. Elzhi is a fucking monster,lyrically better than 3 of your top five as well as mines. Hip hop fans who crave good music, well this is it, far from any gimmicky sound you hear on the radio and the production is superb. This is a group that demand respect and I will be the first to give it, they go in on this album from start to finish, they are 90’s hip hop that I miss and they hold it down and staying, they will not let 90’s style hip hop die and I love them for it. I can say this will be the most unappreciated album of 2010, it’s sad due to this is their final album together.

Overall, this is a strong buy, a must buy for me, I will say it’s a must listen though to any hip hop fan to hear great minds drop dope verses after verse should result to a buy, so in a way it sells  itself. I have nothing negative to say beside their label or whoever should have tried harder to get this out their, why haven’t I’ve seen this on TV or heard anything on the radio this is their last album, I can name nine tracks on the Album that’s killing every single rap single on the rap charts right now and that’s really not saying much, just how weak the mainstream is. I truly love this album, if you never heard them please take the time out to, you won’t be disappointed. Slum Village are legends that are leaving us with a great farewell with this magnificent album, still hard to see this group go but they delivered and I want to say thanks and gold bless. Last but never the least, RIP Baatin and Jay Dee, we miss you big homies.

Recommended Tracks: Faster, Bare Witness,Um Um, Dance,Where Do We Go From Here


2 thoughts on “Slum Village-Villa Manifesto (Album Review)

  1. That is not the Keys that dissed Nicki on the UM UM track! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am the K.E.Y.S. on that track. I been had that name and its unfortunate that at the time I’m makin moves in the industry somebody else come out using that name but mine is used as an acronym so let’s clear it up and hopefully y’all will see me all over the place soon!

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