Former Memphis Grizzly Lorenzen Wright Found Dead After 9 Day Search

Today is a sad day in the sports world as we lost a well respected NBA star

Local authorities have located the body of NBA Star Lorenzen Wright in a wooden area near his house in Southeast Memphis. Wright had been missing since July 19th while he was in Memphis visiting some friends and his six children. He was scheduled to drive back to the Atlanta area July 19, with his six children and a friend. He was last seen at about 2 a.m. on July 19, leaving his ex-wife’s home. His former wife told police she doesn’t know who he left with or what type of car they were in, according to the missing person’s report

The Commercial Appeal reports: “White bed sheets covered the windows. A man pulled aside the sheets to answer the doorbell and raised his finger to ask for a moment. Then at 4:15 p.m., sounds of wails and crying rose from inside the house. The man did not return to the door.A woman who arrived just as the family heard the news, said, “I’m just here to see my sister.” She left about 10 minutes later, with two children, a girl and a boy wearing a Lorenzen Wright Grizzlies jersey.

About 4:45 p.m., eight or nine adults and children left the house in a caravan of cars, including two identical black Porsche SUVs and a green sedan.

Family members, friends and some former University of Memphis basketball players, including Penny Hardaway and Elliot Perry, were gathering near the wooded area near Hacks Cross and Winchester.”

Wright played in the NBA for 13 seasons in the NBA. Five with the Grizzlies; it’s not said yet if this was a homicide. However, this does not add up no matter how you put it.


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