Debut Album Wednesday: College Dropout

The debut of the louis vuitton don shocked millions across the globe. I as a fan of Jay-Z at the time had no clue who in the hell Kanye West was. So when “Through The Wire” came on BET one day I’m like “this dude is alright”. Sucks that he had to come with his debut right in between of the Jay and Dame breakup. A breakup that till this day some scrutinize Jay-Z for stealing Dame’s artist. This was before the fashion, before the ego. This is real Kanye West in his prime form. I could personally listen to every track on the album with no problem on my spare time. Now on to the statistics:

441,000 copies in its first week

Grammy Award for Best Rap Album

Over 3.5 million copies and worldwide sales of over four million copies

Tenth-best album of the 2000s decade

And just like that Rocafella had Kanye West on the map

Download link for College Dropout


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