How hard is it to relieve yourself of a project mentality?

A phrase we all knew growing up: “You can take me away from the hood but, you can’t take the hood out of me.” lies deep within our bloodline. Most of us are common with this phrase from the project life in the bottom of the poverty chain. However, we are in a new era and why is it that children are being taught the exact opposite of this saying?

The hood will always be the hood at the end of the day. However, I wished the younger generation were being taught that getting out of the hood is the goal instead of taking it with you. When I was coming up, I came up in a real hood. Not none of that bullshit project shit but, it just so happens that crazy shit happens everywhere. Straight from Intervale ave; Rogers place to be exact. I was hung off a roof at 6 years old which is something that my family still doesn’t even know, my sister and I were at the register in the corner store when some guy ran in and shot the guy behind the counter in the face. This is just for starters at that, so if you ever think that you got stories for days think again.

Truthfully, its things like this that brainwash children in the projects because the parents don’t enforce the fact that the objective is to get out. Coming from a person who lived in the projects for a good amount of time; I could tell all you readers that the phase goes the repeats itself 24/7. As a child most likely you’ll be around an 80% smoker population everyday. Its also a great chance your mother or father smokes weed. On top of that, your raised as if anything is possible which is not the case. So then you get in JR High and by then no rules are instilled in you. Your parents let you stay outside as long as you want. By then you should be smoking weed and cutting school( at least I did by then).

Still no rules will be enforced just because the environment of residence is full of brainless people who depend on the government. Allowing themselves to become so low that their children don’t even matter anymore. A community denigrated by a self-lack to succeed. Children rather join a gang than read a book. By high school every 3 out of 10 African American children will be locked up at least one time.  When all is said and done, what are we left to do? Collect a GED after we turn 21 because we’re too busy selling drugs and bullshitting to do so? Blame the projects. Blame the people in the projects. If that is your source of residence it should be based on a time stint like rikers island, after two years you should have a real apartment in a complex or residential building. It makes no sense for people to get so sucked into paying 125 to 300 dollars a month. Realistically speaking maybe 42% of people who live in the projects have a job.

That my viewers is a project mentality. When you give up. On life, on your children, on yourself. The so called future generation  doesn’t want to do shit. None of the guys want to go to school; yet they have no problem with smoking some sour. None of the girls want to finish college because they probably got knocked up at the end of High School. Its 2010, we have a black president; yet we still got teenagers that ride the block all day. Nothing on BET is telling these kids to expand their horizons. So expect the project life to be all they have to live for. I made it with a peace of mind because my mother resisted to let her children be raised in a fucked up situation. What the hell happened with parents between the 90’s and Y2K?

Maybe my random venting will touch someone. Maybe it won’t. I don’t get paid to blog, if I did half of these topics wouldn’t even make it onto the site. Plus most of my shit would be written in tip top shape instead of raw and to the point.

Live by the project life, die in the projects. Plain and simple.


2 thoughts on “How hard is it to relieve yourself of a project mentality?

  1. Our community thinks the project mentality is cool. People slang coke just for the life style that quick cash don’t last though and some people afraid to evolve because they’ll look lame or whatever. To be in the books and not the streets in the hood makes you look weak for some odd reason, but the project mentality is weak, weak niggas and weak bitches afraid to take on responsibilities.

  2. What one thinks in one’s own mind is in fact their own. The saddest truth and reality of project mentality is it is truly infectious and contagious. Yes, true that most people who live there will stay there as well as every generation behind them. That’s is an individual’s choice. That’s not my issue. If one lives in the pj’s and has a mind set to get out of the pj’s be it by education, job promotion, marrying up, skills……whatever, why is that the hater’s come out and gotta get all up your grill ready to throw down cause you got a little somethin’ going on? That’s my issue. It makes them so mad that they’re ready to get physical with you cause you ask them to take their little get together somewhere else so you can study for the exam you have or interview the next day. Yeah, okay, your trying to get your drink on. You don’t have an apartment with a door? You gotta sit out front of the building and be loud as hell like it’s you living room and to hell with everyone else. That’s my issue. I have my own thought’s in my head……..I don’t need you broadcasting yours.

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