Women That Men Hate To Date

This is blog is requested by a friend of mines well…. sort of in dedication of her , I will protect her innocence so I  won’t drop a name but she told she can’t get into a successful relationship, she also stated that she feels she found Mr.Right a couple of times but they seem to lose their interest in her, so she assumes it’s her(well of course it’s her, but they will never admit it) She asked me what about her that turns guys off or lose interest, Long story short; I gave her the advice and I came up with this blog; 10 women men hate.

The Golddiger

No one likes a money whore, but most men put up with becuase they got the money and she’s attractive and will give him whatever he wants when it comes to sex or other relationship necessity, so it’s not really a problem, but not every dude is a baller or got 7 figures, so it can really turn us fellas off when we realize she’s just worried about our income. I dated a chick and got friends still dating chicks that all they want is money and when you cut them off they try to cut you off with sex, thinking they in control but if you accepted the consequences of turning down a golddigger then their screw it’s like their Kryptinite.What makes it worst, is a women that’s say she’s a independent women but when the check comes on a date or night out, you can hear a rat piss on cotton, personally I think a golddigger is just a legal prostitute a BIG turn off .

The Emotinal Chick

One thing I know many man can’t handle is a fragile women, you make any remark to her and she’s in tears or upset, she also can’t take a joke or constructive criticism. Most men like myself ain’t got the time to be worried about your feelings 24/7 it’s like having a child, gotta make sure she’s happy all day is a job in itself and you have to watch what you say too, one wrong comment she bawling her eyes out thought I’d never said this about a chick, but some of ya’ll need to balls up!

The Man

Speaking of balls up, the next chick man hate is one that tries to put his balls in her pocket. I’ve seen many chicks that try to dominant their other and wear the pants in the relationship and just make a man feel like a chump. No man wants a women that makes him feel lower than her. Also, the real manly women, is where she too much of one of the guys and not acting like a lady i.e. farting and burping and all that nasty shit, will have you lonely for eternity, if a brother gotta check your neck every 10 minutes to make sure you a women, you need to soften up, watch Oprah or something.

The High Maintance Chick

Nothing worse than a women that feels she’s outta every man’s league. If you got a man living outside his means then he is gonna lose interest or go broke trying to live up to your standards and it’s a recession ladies, Burger King won’t hurt you. Don’t get me wrong, I like a boogie chick but the extremist that act like they to good for your friends and got they nose up to the sky and knocking your whip becuase it’s a volvo and not a mustang, trust me if you one of those chick you probably been cussed out on a number of occasion and most likely single and untill you change, it will stay that way.

The Jealous Chick

This is the chick I hate to date the most, maybe….. it’s up there, top 3, A jealous chick, you talk to another women and she’s starts a fight, when you just placing a damn order. Jealousy is a trust thing and if she jealous to that degree, she doesn’t trust you and without trust you not going anywhere. True story, I dated a chick and she asked me did Mariah Carey look better than her and got mad becuase I didn’t answer it. What normal person ask a dumb question like that and she got mad when she found out she’s not my first WTF! If your a jealous women then your not confident in your capabilities in keeping a man, so why should any man be faithful with a women who clearly has not faith in him? These women get cheated on alot.

The Stalker

The jealousy can take over a women and then she goes into stalker mode. Looking in your cell phone, all on your facebook page checking out the chicks that writes on you’re wall or status, questioning your boys, but it’s worst when she has her home girls spying on you and she call you and asked you what you did and you tell a white lie and she snaps and says her girl seen you at the mall. No dude wants a chick thats gots him on house arrest. Overall, if you driving around your man house to see want he doing, then to need a shrink before you start dating.

The Crazy Chick

The 3rd degree is crazy chick not the “girl, you so crazy,” I’m talking “This bitch is really crazy” you been with her for a week and she talking crazy, saying she loves you and making names for you kids and planning your wedding, that’s a chick that will chop off your shit. The Crazy chick is emotional,jealous and stalking combined into one, that’s like mixing wrong chemicals together, no good will come into this type of female, it will end with something dramatic, slash tires, bleached clothes, calling your job trying to get you fired or getting some random dudes off the street to jump you, stuff like that when it ain’t even that serious, if you want to see a crazy women in action watch ‘A Thin Line Between Love and Hate’ they good at hinding it too, so watch out fellas and to the crazy women get help, dead real, very dangerous for all of us.

The Easy Chick

For a fling this type a women is great, but a real relationship is a no go. If a guy smashed you on the first night of meeting you, it will be your last time seeing him, we like a little tease, a little challenge at the least, unless your arrange a booty call you in there, other than that it’s a no no. Easy women are unfaithful, if you can give it up with no effort, chances are you will cheat with no effort. Easy women make men jealous becuase we know she’s easy and can’t handle temptation and naive to when men are hitting on her. No man has that kind of time to check and make sure your being faithful, which is why they stay a booty call or the new term “Jump Off” no strings attached, no worries. To be honest, no man wants it if is too easy.

The Hoe

Do I really have to explain this? It’s embarrassing for any man to date a hoe, Porn star or stripper etc. Even the man friends and family lose respect for him because they have no respect for her. Can’t turn a hoe into a girlfriend, damn sure not a house wife.

The Bitch

Last one is one  that is hard to digest is the bitch, men hate bitches, no they really do. I’m talking about a funky attitude having chicks and just evil to everyone for no reason. When a man just thinks “yo dog, she really a bitch” that’s when you know she’s a true bitch. You can do everything for her and give her you all and it’s still not good enough. She can just nag all the damn time, she can just have that bitchie personality or just talk shit and say some foul shit to the point to where you punch the shit outta here. Yes, the bitch get her ass beat, she pushes it, shes a button pusher, She want’s to see how much she can get away with saying for the hell of if and argue about pointless shit and your can prove her wrong and she’ll still argue just for her satisfaction. Any smart man will be out sooner than later, no man wants a women that enjoyment is bringing him down. A bitch can say bye to her love life, becuase a bitch will never have a successful relationship till she readjust herself.


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