Mainstream Killed The Radio

This one of those vents I get in, so here goes….. The-Dream isn’t the original “radio killa”, yep, rap is. Not all just rap, just most of it is mainstream rap, and how it kill it you ask? becuase it sucks! Now what I mean by radio killer just public rap music from television to the radio hasn’t been as good as it once was and the label heads and DJ’s have killed it. I don’t go to clubs becuase I hate club music. I go to House Parties, I love house parties and college parties music but this shit in the club got to go before I enter. When I hear a song like stanky leg dosen’t make me want to come on to the dance floor. Do the stanky leg? all I know is I don’t want that leg near me till it’s clean, just saying. Music in the fore front has lost it’s damn mind. Why does this wack shit get played and why? It’s some conspiracy shit Souja Boy got a millions follower on twitter, what the fuck, I know not one person that likes Souja boy, and my man Naledge Born got only five thousands, it’s an conspiracy I tell ya!

Honestly, all radio cares about is whats the streets say is hot,but these nigga forget they the DJ, you decide what hots, not these lame ass kids that know nothing about good music. All this damn auto-tune shit gotta stop, T-Pain retire already, dude your trash, it was cool at first but that shit just annoying now, Jay even tried to kill that shit and Ye told him to kill it. Why is dudes like Plies even get radio air time he sucks, Flava Flav rap better than that dude. I have yet to hear Kidz In The Hall on the radio but I hear Gucci and Wacka Flocka lame ass all the time on there rapping about shit and people love it, it’s like I’m in the twilight zone. Why is these dumb hit wonders get time when it can be use for a Mos Def or a Rakim but “Do the Ricky Bobby” “Jumpin out the Window” and “Do the Booty Dew” WTF who would want to listen to this shit on their radio GARBAGE!

Now to the television, I don’t rock no music channel besides MTV Jams, shout to MTV on that joint, it’s where it’s at but BET, oh my god! 106 and park so trash now all they have is lame shit after lame shit and the same shit the next day. Bring back rap city the basement or Hits remember hits that was the shit,Rated Next given air time to up and comers. I even take Julissa sexy ass on The Center, they even got rid of midnight love, how the fuck you gonna get rid of midnight love, you nutty niggas! I set the mood with that shit, BET was the spot now they let the younger generation take over and killin it softly. MTV bringing back sucka free sundays thank god, they at least trying but BET? All is on BET is Souja Boy that’s it. The BET awards, worst awards show period, I’m embarrassed to be black watching BET nowadays.  They went from being an intellectual black television programming to Coon TV or Nigga Tube.  It’s so much buffoonery going on I get a headache watching BET.  Just a couple weeks ago they had Scarface on there why the fu- …  just breathe, it’s gone be alright.

Anybody who still like BET or say it’s better than the old bet kill yourself. On some realness only an ignorant person would say that. The only positive thing that channel has is reruns and they play them out. Debra Lee killed TV for me and mainstream rap killed the radio. I don’t get it, I honestly don’t, All I want is a equal opportunity is all I’m asking. If we keep heading in this direction, I’m not afraid I will have to  stop clamming my own race.

One thought on “Mainstream Killed The Radio

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